The Argie Bargie – The Grazing Shed (Cardiff)

Aah, the grazing shed, if it were actually a shed it would be shed royalty, A noble shed with principles and the like. But luckily for us, it’s not a shed it’s a burger place that does what it does very very well.

The place itself is pretty relaxed, benches let you enjoy Burgers with your friends as well as help you meet new ones. The menu is lit up behind the counter, so service is quite like a fast food place, probably because it is a fast food place, I’m always amazed how fast food appears even when the place is packed.

But enough of that let’s get down to business, today’s burger was the aptly named and Argentinian inspired Argie-Bargie. I remember the burger appearing as part of their world cup promotions, but it’s now cemented itself as a regular on the menu. The burger was described (on the sign) as a burger with melted mozzarella, chimichurri sauce, ketchup, mayo, lettuce and rocket. image Now they don’t really do much to sell the burger on the menu, all they really sell is the idea that all their key ingredients are from Wales, there’s even a picture of Royston, the farmer on the wall. Now being a patriotic valleys boy, this appeals to me but in all honesty what appeals more is the fact you can taste the quality and the effort gone into each burger, and I think the Argie Bargie is the embodiment of that.

How something with so few ingredients listed can taste so good is a testament to the chef at the grazing shed. For all intents and purposes, it’s a pretty standard cheeseburger with a special sauce. But what they don’t tell you is that sauce is quite possibly made of dreams, tasty, tasty dreams.

So let me break it down;
The meat in the grazing shed is very good, it’s not the kind of burger that’s gonna be the star of the show, but it’s not meant to be. It’s a nice sized patty not too greasy and not too dry, with a good texture and a great taste. I don’t think it’s 100% steak mince, but I could be wrong, and that’s no bad thing. I’m sure some people might disagree but I think adding some fat into the mince, and something to carry that fat in the burger is a great way to lock in taste. I suspect that’s what they do there, but you’ll have to ask the chef.

I don’t want to oversell the meat because in the grazing shed the meat forms part of a flavour combination, the sauces and toppings complement the meat and vice versa. It’s all about it all working together, I feel there’s a song we could be singing now.

Let’s discuss the toppings, now the Argie Bargie doesn’t have a lot of toppings, but the ones it has are just right. So right  Goldilocks would go mad for that shit. The melted the mozzarella is gooey and stringy and a little Salty, and it goes perfectly with the taste of the burger, almost like a seasoning. The salad and sauces add sweetness and texture, but it’s the chimichurri where the magic happens. Please note by thinking of it I actually just dribbled on my keyboard. Now if you’ve not heard of chimichurri sauce here’s the wiki description;

Chimichurri (Spanish pronunciation: [tʃimiˈtʃuri]) or chimichurri is a green sauce used for grilled meat, originally from Argentina.[1][2] It is based on finely-chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano, and white or red wine vinegar. In Latin countries outside of Argentina, variations typically focus heavily on Cilantro for flavour.

What it doesn’t say is if you put it on a burger with mozzarella cheese then you start moaning like a madman with a burger fetish. From a bite you can tell they’ve made the sauce fresh, you can both see and taste the fresh herbs and oil. There’s a definite taste of oregano mixed with a little pepperiness from the rocket, but it all just seems to melt perfectly with the meat into a savoury Salty, herby bath of flavour. I’m not Gonna lie the only bad thing I could think of about that burger was the fact there wasn’t two of them so I could do it all again. image Rating – 4.5/5

To be as tasty as it is with so few ingredients is a special thing, just shy off full marks because I think they could add more texture somehow (maybe bacon?… Yes always bacon). It might be love or possibly salt that makes that burger something special whatever it is you should go eat it. Now. Jeebus why are you still reading this! Go go go. image I love this place!

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