El Toro – The Grazing Shed (Cardiff)

A relative newcomer to Cardiff’s culinary scene, at a little over a year old, The Grazing Shed has quickly established itself as one of Cardiff’s premier burger eateries. Their ethos is to use quality, locally sourced products to make some really tasty burgers.

Grazing Shed Action

Grazing Shed Action

The restaurant itself is a cosy fit, and by cosy I do mean that it’s pretty small. The table and bench combination makes the dining experience a somewhat social affair. Space is at a premium and you may have to ask someone to scoot up a little to allow you to get a seat. If you’re shy, well…..maybe you can phone and ask when they’re quiet before you visit.

Before you get to sit down, you need to order though. As you approach one of the two tills, you have a difficult decision or two to make as you peruse the menus. As if it weren’t tough enough to choose what you want to munch on, the fact that there’s an open kitchen dispersing wonderful aromas at your nasal cavities doesn’t help speed the process up. Maybe if there were some pictures of the burgers up there, it would help make the choice easier to make, but then again, seeing 12 delicious burgery works of art might just make it worse.

The Burger Menu

The Burger Menu

Once you’ve tormented yourself and realised that you won’t be having 11 of them, you have to choose a beverage. The drinks fountain serves root beer, elderflower, ginger beer and lemonade or you can have a cider or prosecco if you’re looking for something a bit boozier.

The menu has some pretty impressive sounding flavour combinations on show and the one that was screaming out to me this time was the El Toro, doubled up of course, in a meal with fries and bottomless drinks from the fountain. (I had root beer and ginger beer)

As well as the beef burgers on offer, the menu extends to chicken and veggie burgers, which get the same flavour treatment as their beef counterparts. But this blog is about the beef.

Now, I’m a firm believer that if you don’t get the meat right, your burger will never amount to anything and, thankfully, it seems that that view is shared by the proprietors of The Grazing Shed. Only 100% prime Welsh beef goes into these beef burgers.

El Toro

Snuggled into a soft centred, crusty exteriored, artisan granary bun, the patties were accompanied by a disc of honey-glazed goats cheese, chorizo, ketchup, mayo, chili sauce and a crisp lettuce lettuce leaf and surrounded by skin-on fries.

This Spanish inspired creation was almost perfect. The burger was moist, but firm. The smooth, creaminess of the cheese, the fiery kick of the chili sauce, the sweetness of the ketchup and the intensity of the chorizo had my tastebuds yelling Ole!

I say it was almost perfect, and I feel like I’m being really picky when I point out what I perceive to be a flaw. Never before have I ever had a bad word to say about chorizo. It wasn’t the flavour, it was good. It was the texture. If I were making this burger, the chorizo would have seen less of the pan as I tried to heat it up, but not dry it out as much.

The End

The End

I’ll definitely be heading back here again to try a few more of the burgers from the menu sometime soon.

Thank you Grazing Shed, your El Toro scores 4 out of 5. No bull!!!

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