Bacon & Cheese Burger – Chucks @ The Depot (Cardiff)

There’s a cultural change going on in South Wales and it’s one that is changing the dining habits of thousands of people. Street food and Pop-up restaurants used to be seen by many as the poor relation of the catering world, but if that’s how you see it, then you need to get back out there and find out the truth. This community of foodies will open your eyes.

The Depot

The Depot

I made my way to The Depot on Dumballs Road in Cardiff, temporary home to some of Cardiff’s best pop-up, street food companies every Friday and Saturday night until the 31st December, 2014, in search of a burger to blog about. As I entered the front doors of this transformed redundant industrial site I didn’t know what to expect. I progressed through the hallway and through the plastic “curtains” that they have between shopfloors and warehouses I thought I’d stepped on to the set of Stars In Their Eyes. Okay, so I’m fairly sure that the smoke as they walk out saying “Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be” isn’t the byproduct of meats on barbecue grills or accompanied by the associated smells of such activity. But the smokey haze was a welcome addition to a friendly, bustling environment which had attracted a broad demographic range of clientele.

Bars, eating places, art installations, queues and dodgy toilets sum up the venue, but the food, atmosphere and bumping into friends (old and new) were the highlights for me.

The Book of Face had informed me that there would be at least 2 burgers available to me; one made of cow (Chucks) and one made of chicken (Dirty Bird).



I don’t want you to think that I’m some kind of burger snob; I’m really not. It is just a coincidence that I’ve not reviewed a burger that isn’t made of beef so far. Let me assure you, there will be a review on the Dirty Bird Chicken Burger soon.

My decision to pick Chucks was based on this scene.



I love fire. I love grills. My mind was made up; I wasn’t going to settle for anything less than the Cheese & Bacon Burger. A chuck steak patty with Trealy Farm streaky bacon, American cheese, shredded lettuce, ketchup, mustard, gherkin and red onion in a brioche bun.

Chucks Wrapper Gifts

My medium cooked burger was juicy and soft which melted in my mouth. The burger was the perfect base for the smokey bacon which added the occasional crunch from where the rind had crisped up and creamy American cheese. The ketchup, which may remind you of Big Mac sauce, was evenly spread across the bottom half of the bun, stopping the juices soaking through and giving it a soggy butt. Because there was no lettuce left, I managed to get a double portion of pickles, which totally worked for me; in my opinion, every burger should have pickles. That leaves the red onions, which were roughly chopped and….erm, red and oniony. The brioche bun was everything a brioche bun should be, so there were no complaints from me on that front.

Chucks Bacon & Cheeseburger with Pistonhead Lager

Chucks Bacon & Cheeseburger with Pistonhead Lager

I feel I need to go back and say something about the bacon. Now the menu states, nay boasts, that the bacon is from Trealy Farm, a Monmouthshire based charcuterie. The boast should not be underestimated. I would happily have eaten the burger without bacon, had it not been on offer, but it was and it took it to another level for me. I’ll now be looking out for anything else labelled Trealy Farm to see how they compare.


Close up and personal

Photos don’t really do this burger justice. It would be unfair to call this the ugly sister of the burger family, she had a wonderful personality, but she wouldn’t win Miss Burger World either. Don’t miss out on this burger just because it doesn’t look like a food magazine cover, you need it in your life!

Chucks Bacon & Cheeseburger you’re getting a 4 out of 5.

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  1. Scrappy wife

    Sounds aright.. Some smoke or special sauce/ cured bacon can be the thing that makes the burger, nom..

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