“Chili”- Byron Burger (Bristol)

Greetings fellow Burgonians….burgerites….those who hail from Burgina Faso….sorry. OK Burger Blogger Shyboyscott told me about the burger blog that he and Lloyd were setting up, so I decided to throw my hat, and stomach, into the ring for a burger review .

“Chili” – Byron Burger @ The Triangle, Bristol

A newcomer to the Bristol burger scene (so I’m told), Byron burger started out in London in 2007, and quickly grew to several locations in London, and across South England and the midlands. It’s intention is simple: good quality, uncomplicated burgers, made with great ingredients and greater care. Now, I must admit, myself and my friend set out to go to a different burger joint, handily named “Burger Joint” but the only seating was outside, so we called ahead to Byron Burger and made our way there.

Located on the busy Triangle, the layout and décor were simple, clean but with enough character to make it feel like a comfortable place to spend some time and enjoy your surroundings. Our server was super friendly and, what I can only assume was the manager, was really attentive and ensured that everyone was happy and comfortable.

We took our seat, I ordered a diet coke (I was nursing an ungodly hangover), and my friend ordered a large house white which, in fairness, was a little rough but we can overlook that for the time being. I ordered the “chili”, and she ordered the “Byron”. The “Chili” consisted of single Scottish beef patty, shredded iceberg, sliced green chilli, American Cheese, and chipotle mayo. As I’m a fussy bugger, I swapped out the American Cheese for Monterey Jack. The “Byron” comes with shredded iceberg, tomato, maple cured bacon, red onion, mature cheddar, and Byron sauce, basically ketchup, mayo and a little Worcestershire sauce. Since we’re both fairly carbophobic, we ordered a side of onion rings to share.

Both burgers were served in the oft lauded “Squishy” buns (they seem very proud of these), and came very quickly. Both were cooked medium and were melt in the mouth good. My “Chili” had just enough zing from the green chilli to make it enjoyable, but didn’t detract from the taste of the prime Scottish beef they proclaim with some justifiable pride that they make every burger from. The Onion rings were as big as bagels, and were nicely seasoned. Truth be told, we didn’t need these as the burgers were filling enough. I managed to snatch a bite of the “Byron”, it’s a simple combination but it really worked, especially with the maple cured bacon.

2 burgers, a side, 1 large wine, 1 diet coke and a can of Brooklyn Lager to which I relented came to around £32, which isn’t wholly unreasonable. Although it was a second choice to where we originally planned to go, I was really pleased with the food, the friendly service and comfortable surroundings. I’d definitely recommend a visit if you find yourself in Bristol and want to grab a relaxed bite to eat.

4 out of 5

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