Bacon Double Cheeseburger (with a size twist) – Grills Steakhouse (Pontypridd)

OK, so first things first; Grills, one of our favourite out of Cardiff burger establishments. Although, as the name suggests, this isn’t solely a burger joint, but it’s the reason I went there. In a nutshell, this little establishment in the heart of Ponty serves up a range of steaks, burgers and deserts, all of which can be ordered to fill a table, let alone a plate!

If you think you can stomach it, their latest challenge burger comes in at a whopping 102oz, built of 8 12oz patties and one 6oz patty overflowing with all the burger essentials of cheese, relish and a side of fries (or traditional chips) – and lets not forget the bun.

While the shear thought of seeing that much meat in one meal could result in a heart attack, the scary thing is this 102oz burger is only on offer because somebody conquered the previous challenge burger weighing in at a whopping 96oz. Let that sink in a second…

So having wiped the meat sweats away thinking about it, I did the standard menu peruse and despite my love of their ‘Mega Monster’ (a 24oz offering) I really fancied some bacon and cheese. Now their bacon cheeseburger comes in at a meagre 12oz (2x 6oz patties) and I just wanted, nay, needed more meat in my system; with a little eye lash fluttering, I managed to convince their staff – really nice by the way – to take my preferred Mega Monster, strip it back to the bun and 2 12oz patties and then go wild with the cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce 🙂 The results were quite astonishing!
Burger 2Now the meat quality here is superb and you’ll be treated with some of the finest steak burger meat available from this part of the world. I’m not the biggest fan of a pink interior on my burger, but this is one place I’ll always let it go; however, this time it was cooked to my preference, browned throughout and slightly charred on the outside – MAGIC!

There’s nothing fancy about the bacon, cheese or BBQ sauce, but sometimes (this time) a standard cheddar melted across some smoked bacon and the aforementioned patties is all anyone needs.

Needless to say, my burger was devoured along with the fries, and shared sides of onion rings and cheesy garlic bread in no time at all.

No more BurgerIf we graded these burger experiences with a percentage then it’s unlikely to be 100%, but right now I’m going with a hefty 4.79/5 as it’s closer to the 100% than the 90% a 4.5/5 would suggest. So there you have it; a quick trip up (or down) the A470 and you’ll be in burger heaven.

Just one last thing before closing – my burger, 2 sides, a 16oz T-Bone steak and 2 cokes came in at a smidge over £40, so you’ll be getting your monies worth and then some!

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Despite every blog being about a burger, I like other things too. I'm chasing the muscle dream in the gym - really, really, really slowly!!!

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  1. Amazing ! I think it’s very good


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