The Dixie Burger – Brewdog (Cardiff)

Brewdog on Westgate Street

Brewdog on Westgate Street

Brewdog is the biggest name in the Uk independent brewery industry, so why, when this blog is about burgers, am I here at their Cardiff bar on Westgate Street on a school night when the only beers passing my lips will be of the ginger and root varieties?

Inside Brewdog

Inside Brewdog

Bundaberg Root Beer

Bundaberg Root Beer

Brewdog Food Menu (2/3rds of it anyway)

Brewdog Food Menu (2/3rds of it anyway)

Right at the back of the menu, there is one solitary page of food and their preferred choice of bar food? The burger sits at the top of the menu.

The menu may be limited, there’s a choice of 4 burgers (3 meat and 1 veggie), but each of them have some big and different flavours from each other.

I may have written the vegetarian option out without a second thought, but that’s just the norm for me. For those that aren’t mathematically minded, that left just 3 options. My choices were between their classic Brewdog Burger, the southern styled Dixie Burger and their “dirty burger” the Juicy Lucy.

Each of the aforementioned burgers would have been a worthy choice. Each of them had their own qualities that made them all desirable. So which one was going to end up on my plate?

It was the Dixie Burger. The southern style burger topped with diced white onions, coleslaw, Brixton Porter chilli con carne, melted cheese and mustard and described as “sloppy and filling, sort of like a summer fling.” Big words.

Dixie Burger & Skinny Fries

Dixie Burger & Skinny Fries

I guess my hope was that Brewdog, a company founded in my homeland, would apply the same creativity and attention to detail to their food menu as they did to their award winning beers. So how did they do?

Well, the description intrigued me. What was Brixton Porter Chilli? Before I could Google it, amongst the list of wonderfully named beers, I spotted Brixton Porter. Question answered.

The Dixie Burger arrived in a basket with the skinniest fries I’ve ever seen. They were tasty and crunchy and there were loads of them. They reminded me of a packet of salt and vinegar McCoys that have been broken along each of the ridges, not just because of the flavour and texture, but because they got cold pretty fast.

As I looked at the burger, it looked fine, but I have to admit that I felt a little underwhelmed. The description promised sloppy, but it was pretty clean and tidy to me. I’ve had chilli burgers before that were sloppy and I’ve had to use my fries to mop up the excess. That wasn’t going to happen here. The burger was stacked too perfectly for my liking. This should’ve been a messy experience where I should have been spending my time thinking how not to embarrass my girlfriend in front of her friends. My girlfriend may have sent a message in to the chef with a warning for all I know.

The Dixie Burger - Close up and personal

The Dixie Burger – Close up and personal

The flavours were good. The burger meat itself was fairly average, but it was lifted by a really nice chilli con carne, coleslaw and cheese. The brioche bun was the bread of choice, as seems to be the case more often than not. Not that it’s a bad thing, I’m a fan thankfully, but how many places serve burgers on anything else these days? Any burger places out there offer a choice of buns?

My conclusion is that Brewdog have probably used up almost all of their creative juices creating some amazing beers, which is a shame. I have no problem with food being a sort of sideshow to the boozy main attraction, I just hoped for something more than I got.

Brewdog’s Dixie Burger gets a respectable 3.5 out of 5.

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