The Soprano – Got Beef (Caerdydd)

First things first, if you want a feeling of what Got Beef ‘the venue’ is like, read Shyboy’s Bambi Bronut review – my lasting impression is a particularly strong smell of cooked meat on my Real Madrid shirt; will probably be a 2 wash jobby 😉

A new for me, but neither a plate or tray was the presentation platform for this burger, but a big ‘ol lump of wood. Admittedly, it was treated for the occasion and there’s no risk of splinters, but I still wonder what’s happened to the trusty plate. Anywho, wrap you eyes around this badboy and its accompanying dish…

Soprano 1   Dirty Fries

Here we have the Soprano burger – doubled up, of course – which consists of crispy bacon, chorizo, Monterey Jack cheese and jalapeno mayo, alongside a bowl of dirty fries… Or thinly cut potato, deep fried with a crispy outer coating and a soft, cloud like interior, smoothered in bacon bits, melted cheese, jalapenos and baby gravy – I mean, jalapeno mayo. WARNING: Man spillage is possible when eating these fries; THEY GOOD!!!

Moving on, having demolished the fries, it was time to tuck into the Soprano. While not quite the size of Tony it was a decent portion and I was certainly content by the end of the meal. Yet, I’m pretty certain had somebody put another one in front of me, I’d have had a right old go at it. At this point, I did wonder what connection this had with the Sopranos as the others on the menu had clear connections with their names – for example the ‘Heisenburger’ which is simply full of blue things. I’m not going to critisize, their must be some kind of logic and perhaps it’s time for me to re-watch all 86 Sopranos episodes to see if it makes some sense? Unless it has something to do with a fat lady singing? (Operatic voice type joke – #Standard)

The patty was decent, definitely a couple of gears up from the Smoke Haus, but the griddle experience will always leave a doubt with me – I’m just weird like that; but take a look at this neatly cut beef carcass and attempt to judge for yourself: Mmmmm juicy!

Soprano 2

Beware of possible juice leakage from the wood presentation platform

Perhaps my favourite bit of any burger, the accompanying filling and how they all mesh together to create the ultimate taste experience, and it’s safe to say MJ cheese, bacon, chorizo and jalapeno mayo work wonderfully well together. In one of those season 1 or 2 Man Vs Food Adam Richman moments, you get an inital mouthful of the smokey bacon, intertwined with the cheese and then as if by magic the fuller flavour of the chorizo makes it’s way through, before the jalapeno mayo blends seemlessly into the relay and like the Jamaican 4×100 sprint team, it’s a gold medal performance.


I really did enjoy this burger and I’m going with a 4.1/5 – perhaps the initial hype of others is a factor in not scoring it higher, but it’s a really good burger and I’m being super harsh because I don’t want to raise expectation levels to a point that can’t be met. Nevertheless, get in there, treat yourself, remember to order a side, pay at the till before you get your food and support the local crew on their burger adventure!


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Despite every blog being about a burger, I like other things too. I'm chasing the muscle dream in the gym - really, really, really slowly!!!


  1. Caerdydd??? That’s not gonna be confusing to anyone outside Wales is it? Ha ha

    Good review mate.


  2. themartinx

    I honestly don’t know what made me do it? Luckily, it’s a familiar Welsh name and easy to make the connection, unlike Casnewydd – how is that Newport???


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