The Beast – BBQ & Brews (Hereford)

BBQ Signage

Yo yo yo,

I’m back from another much deserved and somewhat enjoyed heart attack after smashing “The Beast” at BBQ & Brews. The name pretty much says it all, and hear you’ll be treated to some of the finest beef from the Bull Capital of the world and Cider Central that is Hereford and the surrounding shire; or better known as my home town!!!

Before I go on, I must point out that Hereford is still very much in England and this meal was a part of the celebration having whooped the Aussies in the egg chasing a couple of hours beforehand. Kudos to Wales for finally beating a southern hemisphere team as well though!

OK, so BBQ & Brews was once an O’Neills (who cares?) and the Hop Pole; originally a traditional pub that back in the 80s was offered to my Granddad, who (unfortuately) turned it down on strict instruction from my nan that she wanted her family off prospective alcoholics to live well past there 50s. Of course, I’m hugely disappointed with this decision, mainly because I’m the eldest grandchild and my dad is the eldest son – so like a Royal Family hand-me-down, it should be mine!!!

Family history aside, lets have a look at the current resident’s culinary delights…

BBQ Burger 2BBQ Burger 3

A 4 layered burger with cheese and bacon held together with a kebab skewer

So The Beast arrives standing an impressive 12+ inches and I went through the process of disecting this monster into four managable ‘light bites’. This also gave me the chance to try these splendid burgers with the array of sauces available on each table – all very much a part of the BBQ community and most starting with the word ‘smoked’.

The quality of meat is very good and the patties have the juicyness normally associated with a griddled burger, but with the flame grilled delightness of something fresh out of the flames! It’s a straightforward cheddar – lots of it – and 4 thick pieces of bacon; perhaps even on a par with gammon!!!

As is the norm – so it seems – the bun was of the brioche variety and there were some pickles, onions and tomotoes floating around as well. Ideal associates for the burger, which I tackled as God intended, but with just one patty inside the bun with all the trimmings.

20 or so minutes later we were left with this… #NailedIt

BBQ Finished

The fries were decent enough and they were a sensible side (size wise) considering the amount of meat being consumed – around 24oz’s…

I really like the venue – regardless of the softspot I hold for 57-59 Commerical Road in Hereford – that has a nice vibe with some cow skin covering the seats. The staff are nice and there’s a good view of the kitchen, where you’ll regularly see flames rising to the chef’s eye-level while he’s flipping them burgers.

As for the burger – I’m giving it a steady 4/5. It does everything it needs to and is reasonably well priced too. While it wasn’t missing anything significant, there was still something not quite there overall. Maybe it was the size of a standard burger (a very small 6 oz’s) and the thought I almost went for a single patty variety, or maybe it was the lack of something special on the menu. With this, I’m talking about the unique flavours associated with BBQ; here they seemed to stem more from the sauces on the table, rather than some special cured and primed meat that had spent 3 weeks soaking in some prime Herefordian Apple Juice!!!

Nevertheless, I’m sure BBQ & Brews will be around for a long time, especially while the only real competition is the Charcoal Grill across the road – #Kebabshoptastic – I look forward to going back and hope there’s room for some new and exciting burger varieties in the future!

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    How much was it?


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