The Chicka Wah Wah – The Grazing Shed (Cardiff)

CHICKEN! I treated myself to the grazing shed the other day. It was after a long day of trying to shop, getting fed up and walking to grazing shed, so ya know the usual. On arrival I thought it was the time I branched out a little and sampled a chicken burger, after all, there’s a sizeable chunk of their menu devoted to our tastiest feathered friends.

I think it’s taken me this long because when I think chicken burger I generally think of the offerings from McDonald’s and KFC. Now there’s a time and a place for fast food like that, but I’ve never really been a fan of reformed breaded chicken. In fact, I had one in McDonald’s once that was really tough, I’m not even sure how you can make something ground up tough, but it happened and seems to have scarred me for life.

What I discovered In the grazing shed though, was that there’s a big difference between chicken Burgers if you do them well.

I ordered the chicken wah wah, which was also my servers favourite I think he might have winked at me when he said that, but I’m OK with that. The ingredients were:, chicken, melted mozzarella, tomato and avocado salsa, cider apple chutney, boom boom mayo, rocket and lettuce.


This is what I got, and I gotta say they gave me a lot of bang for my cluck (he he).

When it arrived, the chicken was spilling out of the burger and not due to any untoward lubricant. There was so much chicken it wouldn’t fit (which is a sentence every burger bro loves to hear).

The burger itself ate really well, what I actually got was some really moist and tender mix chicken breast and maybe thighs (I think), it fell apart as I was eating and quickly put itself into a different league as far as fast food goes.


The burger as a whole was really nice, the saltiness and gooeyness of the mozzarella went really well with both the chicken and the salsa and chutney. I have to admit I didn’t really get individual flavours from the salsa or chutney but the sweet sticky amalgamation they made worked for me. This was a really good burger but I think it was let down a little and I stress a little by two things.

Firstly it needed a little kick, now I think the chef thought this too hence the boom boom mayo, but to be honest, it didn’t come through. There wasn’t a boo let alone a boom.

The second thing the burger needed was texture. The chicken was lovely, but it was so soft that with the bun and gooey cheese it all lacked a little texture, the rocket helped, but I couldn’t help but think something crispy would make the burger more interesting in the mouth.


So my verdict is 4/5 of you’re a chicken maniac like myself you’ll like this burger it’s salty and sweet and full of chickeny loveliness, even though It’s missing something it’s not far off being epic.

About Notorious BBQ Lloyd

Welsh BBQ obsessive and founder of Notorious BBQ, on a journey to bring people amazing smoked meats! You should also check out superburgerbros!

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