Burger & Lobster – The Burger

Sometimes the Super Burger Bros like to travel in packs, and so three ravenous scallywags descended upon Burger & Lobster one of Cardiff’s newest restaurants. wpid-wp-1419291994405.jpeg The title caught the eye of the Burger Bros, it is a restaurant so bold it has a burger in its name, the likes haven’t been seen since the mighty “burger king” whose title I assume is a non de plume. But what sets burger and Lobster up for an even bigger challenge is that they only have 3 things on the menu, a burger, Lobster and a Lobster roll all costing £20.00. Now I’m not writing on a super Lobster Bros blog so you can guess what I ordered. As one of our party was eating Lobster, the waitress offered us bibs, who can say no to a bib on a night out? Not I. Suitably and unashamedly attired my burger arrived really quickly while ordering we had the chance to pick how we like our Burgers cooked (I love it when that happens), and I went for a medium, we also had the choice of bacon or cheese so naturally I had both. wpid-wp-1419292061213.jpeg A handsome plate of food arrived, now I don’t usually go for a salad but they balsamic-ed that bitch up, so I finished it off before tucking in. I have to say when the burger arrived I thought ok this looks nice but pretty standard, I popped the hood and could see the usual American suspects, a slice of beef tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese, bacon and a few cheeky little dill pickles topped it off. The bun was a non-sweet brioche I think, with your standard seedy top. wpid-wp-1419292161213.jpeg It’s here I’m divided about this burger, so I’m going to split this review into two bits, the meat and everything else. First of all everything else, the burger was big, but as I was bibbed up, I went for it and picked that beefy Bad boy up. It was then I noticed the first thing I wasn’t that happy with, the bun was pretty cold. It wasn’t frozen or anything too bad, in fact, it tasted nice, but the middle was colder than I’d like. For £20.00 I expect warm buns and I don’t say that to all the girls. The rest of the burger was mostly fine, the salad was a traditional burger salad, I thought the tomato was a bit thick as I ended up discarding it but overall the tried and tested flavours worked. But that’s all I can say about them, they were safe in fact they were the safe side of safe and I’m not sure if that’s OK or not. wpid-wp-1419292222506.jpeg Now for the burger, going in I thought for £20.00 this better be a good burger, described as 10oz of 100% prime Nebraskan beef I was expecting good things and also wondering if I had just paid extra to fly a cow to Wales. So my verdict? Well, I can say for you meat lovers out there, this is one of the best patties you can get in Cardiff. It was a great texture, soft, melt in your mouth meaty, and like that special girlfriend, you let get away, juicy in all the right places. But here’s my problem, the meat was great, I can’t say enough good things about it, it was tasty it was cooked right, I would take it home to meet my parents, I can’t fault it. However, everything else was average, average bun, average salad no real flair or creativity. Now I can appreciate playing it safe, in fact, they well and truly made the beef the star of the show. But, I am left feeling with the right combo that beef could have been a superstar like an Elton John or maybe even a Tom Jones (except it would most certainly leave a better taste in your mouth). So with conflict on my mind I’m going to go crazy and give this Burger two scores. For the burger overall I’m scoring it a 3.8/5, great meat but a safe combination of flavours, if you’re looking for creativity and finesse then that’s the score I’d give it, almost a 4 but it turns out a chilly bun really gets to me. However if what you’re looking for is a meaty experience Unhindered by posh cheeses and toppings, then I’d score this burger a 4/5. It is one of the best beef patties in Cardiff, but you could have a similar burger elsewhere for cheaper.

About Notorious BBQ Lloyd

Welsh BBQ obsessive and founder of Notorious BBQ, on a journey to bring people amazing smoked meats! You should also check out superburgerbros!

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