Farmer Tom’s Beef Burger – A Rule of Tum, Burger Shop – Hereford

Tum 3After much deliberation (of pointless things) and time wasted doing precisely nothing, the time has come to finally put this review together…

Let me take you back to last year; I’d braved the border crossing back to the home land and found myself again in Hereford (it was Christmas’ fault). Now despite a large portion of my family living there, I have few fond feelings towards the city I once called home – it’ll probably just go down in history as the place comedian Sean Walsh got confused with Hertford having turned up at the theatre on Edgar Street for a gig, to realise he was actually 140 or so miles away from his eagerly awaiting fans. However, the tide may be turning (just ever so slightly) having stumbled across A Rule of Tum, Burger Shop (and checking out BBQs & Brews last time I was in town), tucked neatly away just off the beaten track from Hereford’s high town!

To your left, I think, is the Farmer Tom’s Beef Burger, the so-called ‘standard’ burger from their menu. I say think, as I found two pictures from this exploration, one purple sticker and one black sticker adorned the burger parcels and I can’t remember which one is which? However, this is the better picture, so I’m rolling with it!

So, Farmer Tom has filled the following brioche roll, with one Herefordshire beef patty (for me, well done) mature cheddar, dill pickles, mustard mayo, ketchup and some baby gem salad, with the results looking a little something like this:

Tum 1Tum 4In a nutshell, this burger was absolutely stunning – I couldn’t ask for a better cooked burger and the mustard mayo added a nice little kick; everything just came together splendidly. For just £7.00 I was treated, nay, spoiled with the best burger I’ve ever had in Hereford to date, I just wish I could’ve had more!

I’m excited to go back and will hopefully brave their specials board next time. The other burger (the purple or black sticker – whichever???) on this occasion was a pheasant burger and it looked delicious to say the least; however, I feel my first experience of a new burger eatery needs to be their bread and butter – if they can wow me with their easy ones, it only makes me crave a special and a trip back sooner rather than later.

While the ‘shop’ is small, it offers plenty of seating if you share a table and bench with the burger loving stranger next to you and the staff are fab too. As a side note, the chips in this place are absolutely amazing; I’m unsure how as they’re just potato sprinkled with salt, but I’m thinking there’s some kind of kitchen voodoo to make them the tastiest chips ever.

Right here, right now I’m working on fond memories of this burger, (it’s been at least a month since I wrapped my lips round it, and it’s actually the last burger I’ve eaten) so I’m at risk of over scoring it – but with that being said, this is definitely in the top bracket of burgers I’ve come across so far, anywhere!

A Rule of Tum, I give you and your Farmer Tom’s Beef Burger a very favourable 4.7/5 and I look forward to heading back soon with the rest of my burger bros!

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