The Cheeseburger – FeD (Cardiff)

Outside1A message landed in the SuperBurgerBros inbox, asking if we’d be interested in attending a VIP night at Cardiff’s newest restaurant, FeD. We’d been excited about this place opening, not specifically from a burger perspective, for a little while. There had been a lot of chatter about there being a new take on the multicultural cuisine, all you can eat format. So we decided that this was an offer we couldn’t turn down.Decor

So, before I go any further, I don’t want you thinking that I can’t type properly. FeD, is how it’s written on everything, and I’m not going to argue with them, especially after they looked after me so well.PassportsAndBubbles

FeD is also an acronym, standing for Food Exploration Destination. The restaurant lets you explore foods from various countries without having to wander too far. So how’s that different? Well, the thing that’s unique, for now anyway, is that much of the food is cooked fresh, to your taste, in each of the kitchens. You order, give them your table number, wander around more and get some other buffet food, head back and, voila, your freshly cooked steak or teriyaki prawns will arrive in the hands of the super friendly and helpful hosts.

On the night, we were each given a passport, to explore each of the food locations and get a stamp to show we’d been there, not that I needed any further incentive, but this was a great touch and added a bit more fun to the evening.

FeDFavouritesSo the food. I guess I should start with the burger, as that is my area of so called expertise.

The 100% beef burgers are located at The Grill area and are cooked to order. I ordered a cheeseburger with salad, which arrived at my table about 10 minutes later. In that time, I had been tucking into some roast beef and gravy, some veg and potato wedges from the Carvery. I was on a mission to get my passport stamps!!!

BurgerNow, I said earlier that the burger was pretty basic, but this is an all you can eat buffet with foods from all over the globe. So my fairly plain cheeseburger should be recognised as the base for any type of burger you can think of. Think of it as a Pimp My Burger shop. Do you go Japanese Surf & Turf? Do you maybe go to India and add a potato cake and curry sauce? Maybe you head to Mexico and chuck some spicy chicken on there. That’s the really cool thing about FeD, you choose, you create, you explore.

The burger was juicy and had a nice smokiness from the flame grill. The bun was toasted on the grill, I might’ve taken it off a little bit sooner, but that’s my personal taste I guess. The salad leaves were crisp and fresh with a slice of tomato under the patty, and on top there were some slices of cheddar. I think they may have missed a trick by not letting the cheese stay on the burger while on the grill, as it hadn’t melted at all. It may have been because the cheese was just sat there in a lump and not spread over it evenly.

Italian ActionI really enjoyed my tour of world cuisine; a grill & carvery, Tex-Mex, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Sushi & Salad and my favourite land of all….dessert. The fact that you could watch a lot of your food being created added a bit of theatre to proceedings. I enjoy watching a chef at work; I know this might sound a bit pretentious, but chefs are artists and the dish is their canvas. Watching a chef pull ingredients together over an open flame is hypnotic to me, and FeD do this really well. The chef will chat to you too, finding out what you like, making it a performance that contribute to, so you’ve invested in this creation that you are about to eat.SushiBar

Each of the kitchens offer a great variety of food and the quality is great too. There were a couple of plates that had sat out too long under the lamps, particularly at the Tex-Mex section, where the wraps dried out quite quickly, along with one pair of serving tongs, but a quick word with the guys at the service areas sorted that out. I blame that on the fact that all the diners had arrived the same time and were doing the food in cycles. I think that the one thing better than a place that gets everything perfect all the time is a place that will act quickly once you’ve made them aware of an issue. The team at FeD were quick to act on the occasion that I spotted something.

IndianStreetFoodThe idea, and hope from the owners, that this would be a restaurant with multiple restaurants under one roof, a sort of foodie departments store is quite ambitious. I’m not sure that I would go there just to eat at one of the kitchens. Yes, everything was good, but if I wanted a burger, I’d still be inclined to go to a burger place. This place is ideal for groups that can’t decide, and because of this place, the people in Cardiff don’t need to make any other choice.Servery

Back to the burger though. As a burger on its own, it gets a 2.5 out of 5, but with so many burger toppings to hand, the potential is huge; you’d maybe get a 4+ if you got the combo right.ChocolateFountain NeonIcecream Desserts Desserts2

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