Create your own burger – The Burger Joint (Bristol)


My first review since before Christmas, but i’m happy to bring you a review of another fine Bristol establishment.

The Burger Joint is an independent burger restaurant offering “luxury burgers” from it’s 2 locations (Whiteladies Road and Bedminster in Bristol).


This came highly recommended to me by a friend who has been here and enjoyed it many times, so I thought i’d be nice and let her take me for dinner one night (i’m a real catch) to the Whiteladies restaurant.

It’s a cosy, but popular, little place, and booking ahead was essential to avoid disappointment (and to avoid eating outside in November). To order, you’re given a checkbox menu sheet and a pencil, with which you can create your own perfect burger….and there’s ALOT of choice.


Stare upon this and drool

On the instruction of my friend, we chose to forego the starters due to the size of the burgers (she was not wrong). I chose blue cheese, grilled chillis and onion rings as a topping, chilli and tarragon mayo as dips (served on the side), and sweet potato fries as a side. I can’t remember what she ordered, but I know it wasn’t as nice as mine.


The burger itself was well cooked, done medium and very tender. As you can see, the choice of onion rings as a topping wasn’t a wise one, so these were moved to the side. Even with this, the burger lost all semblance of structural integrity after bite 2, and I was left in a world of trouble. I struggled on but it looked like I was fighting it instead of eating it. If there was one criticism, i’d have preferred a less crumbly bun. That being said, it was very tasty.

The sweet potato selected to make my sides must have been the size of a basketball, but these were very crispy and very tasty, probably the best i’ve had as any side dish (including eating in America).

To wash it all down, I had a Bristol Beer Factory “Independence” America Pale Ale. I took a stab at the menu and, admittedly, this wasn’t my favourite craft beer i’ve ever had, but that’s purely a personal taste thing.


All in all, i’d recommend The Burger Joint for those with a big hunger, and a bigger imagination. The whole experience from surroundings to food i’d give 4 out of 5, but I wouldn’t say no to a more robust bun!

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