The Pizza (it’s a burger, honest) – Urban Taphouse – Cardiff

Tap 1The Urban Taphouse; many times frequented as a drinking establishment for their many weird and wonderful ales, ciders and stouts – but today (29th Jan 2015) with the taste of burger still on my breath I bring you the low down on their Pizza Burger.

Much hype comes on a Thursday at the Taphouse as it’s the day dedicated to burgers, with a different special available to eager burger lovers every week. I, however, opted for one of their original specials – now a main stay on the menu.

Tap 3 So, with my burger bro Scott hovering in the background, right here (over there —->) is my feast for the evening. A beef patty, topped with rich home made tomato sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni in a brioche bun; the usual tag-alongs are there as well, with a giant slice of tomato and iceberg lettuce with slaw and fries on the side.

As an optional side I went with their FUBAR (some kind of beer they do there) battered onion rings and without a shadow of a doubt they were 4 of the largest rings I’d ever seen. I’m talking my fist fit through and didn’t even touch the sides kinda big!

Anywho, I soon polished off a couple of onion rings and the fries and now came the fun bit, my first bite of a burger for over a month, and OH MY DAYS was I looking forward to it. Much to my disappointment, the first mouthful was mainly bun and salad as everything slid a little south as I got the juices flowing with a little tilt through 90 degrees; nevertheless, a little perseverance and another mouthful later and I was back where I belonged – sitting at a table with a gob full of burger.

The initial reaction was somewhat expected – mmmmmmm – this is a tasty burger and miraculously tastes a helluva lot like a pizza #GoFigure – but soon after I’d given up with the finger eating and broke out my knife and fork – I’m eating in public after all and the bar staff aren’t an unattractive bunch, if you catch my drift!

Back to the burger though and I’m a little frustrated if I’m being totally honest (which seems appropriate for a blog); the bun was a little hard which seemed to make everything else more difficult to eat, the lettuce may have been floating around a little bit too long and the tomato slice was a tad on the chunky side for my liking – so having made do with what could’ve been mistaken for tomato salad on toast and munched the bun and bits separately – I was left with the meaty bit, thankfully still smothered in mozzarella, pepperoni and the home made sauce.


Mozzarella, pepperoni and special sauce aside, the burger was wonderfully crumbly and held it’s flavour really well, so hats off to the person who created that beef patty recipe. Add in the world’s favourite pizza toppings and my taste bugs were pleasantly tingling away and not even the accompanying diet coke was interfering with those flavours!

There is clearly a person behind the scenes who knows what they’re doing when it comes to cooking and creating burgers, but everything just felt a little bit rushed and unloved today. This could very well be put down to 6 bearded men all ordering different varieties of burger, along with another party of 8 or so also after their Thursday burger fix; but when push comes to shove, my meal today had something of the Meg Griffin about it. Still, I’m hopeful with slightly fewer things to be doing all at once, the final outcome will be that bit more pleasing.

Urban Taphouse, I’m going with a 3.6/5 for your Pizza burger – the lack of being able to double on burger patties kinda got my back up against the wall (especially now I know how tasty they are – so you’d definitely be bordering on 4’s if that was an option); but more so there’s something slightly troubling when the main topic of conversation between men and mouthfuls is how big the farmer’s onions are!!! They really are impressive onion rings…

Tap 6There is just one other thing I’d like to mention and that’s the price. The onion rings at £2.50 offer good value bearing in mind how massive they are; but the burger with fries and slaw for less than £9 is incredible value for money. Get down to the Urban Taphouse you wonderful people!!!

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