The Lamb Curry – Urban Tap House (Cardiff)


This is going to be a slightly truncated review, as my 3 fellow BurgerBros have already reviewed their own particular burgers during our trip to the Urban Tap House (please see their reviews for a take on the look and feel of the pub). That being said, I was impressed with it’s relaxed look and feel, and have already planned a return visit for a drink.

Anyway, I was first presented with the menu for the Urban Tap House a few weeks back, in preparation of our trip. As soon as I scanned the menu, I was instantly drawn to the Lamb Curry burger. Being a fan of hot food, and lamb based curries, in general, I read and re-read the menu to let the whole thing sink in:

Balti Lamb Patty

Crushed Poppadoms

Minted Creme Fraiche

What manner of evil culinary genius would conceive such a creation? I don’t really care, I just wanted it. Fast forward to the night in question, when asked again which burger I was going for, I instantly replied “The Lamb Curry”. Someone asked me the time, I replied “The Lamb Curry” ( I was having a bit of an episode).

The food took a little longer than i’d have liked to come, around 30 minutes I think, which is fairly understandable for a bigger order I suppose. I ordered the burger as is, with a side of onion rings which I split with BurgerBro Scott, in exchange for 2 of his battered gherkins.

The burger itself was nicely spiced, not too hot but it was certainly warming. I cant stress enough how tasty the lamb patty was, and the crushed poppadom and minted creme fraiche topping was a great addition. The whole thing worked really well together. The batter on the sides was really tasty, and worked well with both the bun and chips. Special shout out to the coleslaw (which i’m usually really picky about), it was really good.

Previous reviews of mine lament a stable, cohesive bun experience. I was slightly worried after bite one when the brioche bun started to come apart, but it was only the top of the bun that crumbled slightly. The entire internet will breathe a collective sigh of release to know that the bready enclosure remained hardy through til the last bite.

Although I did enjoy the burger overall, there were a couple of issues. The lamb patty was a bit dry and crumbly, the creme fraiche topping did little to address this. The size of the sides was also a little much. You could drive a bus through the onion rings, and there were 4 per serving.

Overall, i’d give the Urban Tap House 3.75 out of 5, as it was a little dry and it took a little time to arrive, but I would definitely recommend the Lamb Curry to anyone who wants something a little different.

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