The Double Juicy Lucy – Bagel & Burger kitchen (Cardiff)

Our story begins like so many others in South Wales, on a cold and wet winters night. I walked along Salisbury Road exchanging curious glances with passers-by, they travelled in packs, their hair unnatural, their fashion uniquely the same. These were students, and they made me feel something about myself that I’ve tried to deny and even rebel against. Old, I felt old…so with a substantial need for comfort food, we arrived at the Bagel & Burger Kitchen.


We managed to get the window seats which gave us a nice view of the kitchen, and I have to say we had a very warm welcome, the place is relaxed and the staff are polite and fun and made us feel right at home. If there’s one place a burger bro belongs its home at a burger joint.

I’d seen the menu online and to be honest I didn’t know what to expect, there’s a decent selection of burgers on offer but not too many; however, there is the option to create your own, and they have lots of toppings. The thing that niggled me was the price. Given their location in student land and relatively low prices I didn’t know what sort of quality I’d get.

Being a devote to the new age religion that is man vs food, I just had to try the Juicy Lucy.  An import from Minnesota, where the cheese is left to melt inside, yes IN-motherfudgein-SIDE the burger as it cooks. Here’s how it was described on the menu.

“Oozing with gooey deliciousness! Gourmet beef patty stuffed with cheese & topped with homemade relish – £6.95

Naturally, I doubled it up so that I could be twice as gooey. I mean Who doesn’t love a double goo?


This is what arrived. On first glance, I think I may have said the words cheesus Christ. If there is a cheese Jesus, I think he would approve of this as well as cheese Buddha and Any other cheese gods that might want a look-in. They all smiled upon me that that night because I looked into the heart of the beast and it was gooey, and it was delicious.

(note I removed a patty for my shirts safety but it was epic on its own too)

A firm, tasty bun contained a fresh texture giving salad that nodded to classic American burgers. We all know It works well and it worked here.

The salad sat atop of a Vesuvius of beef. Both patties had a great texture which wasn’t too fine, and both were perfectly cooked. The meat was juicy itself, but they also had an oozing river of cheese that seemed to span the entire burger. This all sat on top of the house made sweet red pepper relish.

Going into this burger, I did wonder if it was going to be a bit of a gimmick. I should have learned by now not to listen to myself because each mouthful was a joy. The cheese inside the burger kept it moist and juicy.

It was in fact so good I feel the need To apply some science. My current theory is that the more cheese and meat become one the greater my happiness increases or >CH(eese) + ME(at) >(happiness) as a graph this would look like this.


So my verdict. Well, it’s rare to find burger this tasty and this big for that matter for this price. Not your average burger with bags of taste as well as a great relish that cuts through everything perfectly 4.5 out of 5 I left very satisfied, full and still wanting more.

About Notorious BBQ Lloyd

Welsh BBQ obsessive and founder of Notorious BBQ, on a journey to bring people amazing smoked meats! You should also check out superburgerbros!

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