BBK Special (Frank!?!?!) – The Bagel & Burger Kitchen (Cardiff)

OK, so BBK hasn’t been open long and offers around 12 burgers right now, with the menu giving offerings of “Gourmet Burgers” and “BB Specials” which include the Krispy Kreme Burger, a super-hot one called Nuclear Naga (which I must eat very soon – the sample was something else and hotter than a [insert Samuel L Jackson expletive here]…) and the Scott and Lloyd sampled Big Cwtch (sort of) and Juicy Lucy!

This time though, I had the “BBK Special” (notice the K now) as I went for the one not yet on the menu, but currently takes pride of place on the specials board.

It turns out I was the first person to eat this burger, or at least paid for it and ate it, but before I go into details about it, I think I’d like to name it!?!?! “The Weiner” seems appropriate with all the sausagey goodness, but it just makes me giggle too much, and does any establishment really want a weiner on their menu? So, now the giggling has subsided I’m going to refer to my sausage inspired burger as Frank – go on guys, put Frank on the menu.

So what did Frank consist of – well this should make it easier for you… (or not, David LaChappelle I ain’t!!!)

What it actually says from top to bottom is, “Brioche Bun, Sausage, Salami, 6oz Burger & BBQ Sauce”. There’s also some salad rocking the joint along with American cheese that found it’s way onto my patties. Yes, that’s right, patties! Wouldn’t be a Martin burger without 2 (or more) patties…

I did replace the bun with a bagel – any hole is a goal and all that, plus I’m in the bagel and burger kitchen after all!

Along with Frank I had a Kinder Bueno shake which resulted in a Schockobon dance in my mouth with every slurp, and a side of Dirty Fries, which were like nachos without the nachos, so for me made the whole nacho experience that much better, given that I’m not the biggest fan of the crisp variety – give me melted cheese, jalapeños and salsa on chips/fries any day.

Anyway, back to Frank – and I will testify along with my burger brothers that the meat in these burgers really is second to none; yet, it isn’t an overly complex recipe. In a nutshell it’s meat flavoured and the exciting fillings offer a range of flavours all of which accompany one and other wonderfully well.


The salami and sausage were great, full of flavour and the sauce was a fab compliment to the meaty goodness. The sauce wasn’t the aforementioned BBQ, but a tomato based relish, but as I said, it was delicious and just worked. All this was held together in a firm bagel which is nice for someone who doesn’t like food falling all over the place and getting all up in my beard, but I’ll be honest and suggest sticking with the bun. Despite my love for both bagels and burgers, it’s a win for the buns every time as I now realise!

My whole experience at BBK was amazing, from the booking a table on Twitter (2015 rocks) to the welcome we got from the BBK6staff, and all the burger munching and chit chat afterwards. BBK can be described like one of those really rare women who is beautiful, clever and down to earth all at once, but then BBK take it to another level as they’ll let us regular folk put their meat in our mouths! #Winning

BBK5Frank (BBK Special) gets an impressive 4.7/5 which makes him the Prince Harry of the group. Everyone loves him, but he’ll never quite make it to the top – or to clarify for all you non-royalists, it’s a special that may never make it on the menu, but get down to Salisbury Road and sample this before it’s too late!

And one more thing before I go – the price… The prices here are better than a DFS sale and don’t come with a constant reminder that these deals will end Sunday; they’ll just be incredibly well priced forever.

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