The Wagyu Beefburger – Aldi

Wagyu RawThe announcement that Aldi, commonly described as a German discount supermarket, was about to sell a limited amount of Wagyu Beef Burgers was much hyped by the press. In fact last year when the chain began selling Wagyu Beef it was described as “an attempt to woo the middle class shopper”.

First of all, for anyone that doesn’t know their cows. Wagyu, is quite literally a translation from Japanese which means, wait for it…..Japanese cow.

So what’s the deal with Wagyu? Have you heard of Kobe Steak?

Think of a nice raw steak, the marbling fat between the pink flesh. Well, top end Kobe is kind of like that, but not really. (That’s helped clear it up, hasn’t it? Pfft!)

Do you remember the days before digital cameras? When you had to get photo’s developed at the chemists? You’d get your photo’s back and you’d get negatives. They were a bit like a black and white version of the picture, but the opposite way round. Well, Kobe is like a negative steak; where you get a slab of white fat, but good fat, with slithers of pink meat in amongst it.

All Kobe is from Wagyu cattle, but not all Wagyu is Kobe. That’s an important thing to remember.

Now, this wasn’t the Japanese super-meat; there’s no chance that Aldi would be offering that; I’m not sure there’s much demand for it, even your average Waitrose punter would have second thoughts with a price tag of around £150 per kilo.

I don’t know the exact detail around the cattle that had been minced and formed into these patties. What I do know is that they were from New Zealand and daddy cow would have been Wagyu. That’s the legal requirement met for a Wagyu burger.

Price for 2 burgers – £2.99. 23% Fat content. I know that sounds like a lot of fat, but try to train your brain to recognise that there are so many different fats out there and they’re not all the demons that the media have made out. You know the script with Polyunsaturated and Omega 3 and all that stuff? I’m not saying you should eat these every day. But a healthy, balanced diet means eating the right fats and sugars at the right times. This burger would have been totally fine for me if I didn’t eat so many burgers all of the other times.

So I made my purchase and added some other items to my basket. I picked up my 4 pack of Aldi Brioche Buns, a packet of sliced onion & chive double Gloucester cheese and some pickles, mushrooms and a red onion. My basket never even came to a tenner.

Wagyu CookedI’m a bit handy in the kitchen, so I fried my burgers in one pan and my sliced onions and mushrooms in the other. Toasted my brioche, added the slices of cheese to the top of my cooking burgers and prepared for the building stage.

There’s a Vine here that shows me doing it a little bit faster than it actually happened.

Condiments and pickles at the ready, the burger was ready and I was going to get my teeth into this limited edition offering.

The burger was wonderfully soft and tender; the high fat content will do that. I cooked it medium, that’s one of the advantages of making your own burger; you get it how you like it….usually.

I’m not one for bigging myself up, well, much anyway, but this burger was better than some of the sad, dried out, tough burgers I’ve eaten recently and paid a fair whack for. Those blogs are coming soon, although I’m not really excited about writing about burgers that disappointed me. This one though, well I reckon it was a burger that some of the burger joints would have been happy to serve up to paying punters.

Would it be wrong to give my Aldi Wagyu Beefburger a 4 out of 5? Ah, who’s going to tell me off for it? Thanks Aldi.

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