The UK Supermarket Burger Blind Taste Test

I don’t know if BBQ season has a natural beginning and end; I suppose it would depend on where you lived, along with your own personal preference and tolerance of the cooler climate.

Glass On BarAs a Scot, my tolerance levels of the cold are pretty high, so in the milder climes of South Wales I start to crave the smell of flame-cooked meats around Easter.

So with Easter, and therefore BBQ season, just around the corner, we wanted to check out the burgers that the UK supermarkets out there had to offer.

We had 8 burgers from 8 supermarkets and our expert burger chef, Paul from popular, beer and burgerlovin’ hipster hangout, The Urban Taphouse and 8 hungry mouths ready to rate the burgers on offer.All the burgers

NickAlong with Paul, and 3 of the 4 Super Burger Bros, we were joined by one of our friends from local band Fingertrap, Nick, and 3 blog writing guests –

AbiAbi Lewis-Savage, professional photographer and blogger at Wanderlust Daydreaming. You can find her on Twitter too as @Abi_Lewis. You can view Abi’s burger review here.

We had another talented blogger, Jamie aka Explore With Ed who is also available on Twitter as @ExploreWithEd.

Jamie And RyanMaking up our trio of blogging guests was Ryan, of burger blog Peak Burger Cardiff and guess what……….you can find him on Twitter too as @PeakBurger.

Group PicOur initial intention was to buy the middle of the range burger at each of our supermarkets to see which one tasted the best. Unfortunately, it would seem that my burger season is slightly earlier than that of the rest of the food retail world and the selections were rather thin on the ground, so my choices were limited.

PaulSo while it may not be entirely like-for-like, we got a selection of burgers as close to each other as we could.

BurgersOnBarBefore we start though, we have to let you know that the 3 Super Burger Bros that attended this little taste test are employed by one of the supermarkets, as was the band member, but that wouldn’t cloud our judgement.

MartinTo make sure that this was a totally legitimate test, only Paul would know which burgers came from which store. This was the blindest taste test we could actually do without getting a mole to do the cooking.

So there we have it. 8 eaters, 8 burgers and 8 scorecards.

If we start with my personal Scorecard working from last to first….

8 – Sainsbury’s Butcher’s Choice Beef Quarter Pounders (£3 for 4)
In my opinion, they were pretty dry and had a strange flavour to them. At one point I was sure I could taste perfume. I had one bite and put it down.

7 – Aldi Gourmet Aberdeen Angus Burgers (£2.69 for 2)
Disappointing after being really impressed by their Wagyu Burger, this gourmet burger tasted processed to me. I expected so much more, particularly as this was the most expensive burger on the list.

6 – Asda The Butcher’s Selection (£3 for 4)
This burger was okay. It had a decent texture, it just didn’t really taste of anything. I actually used the word “non-offensive” to describe this burger. It was better than the 2 above, but who is looking for a non-offensive burger?

5 – Tesco Finest Beef Steak Burgers (£3.50 for 4)
This burger tasted meaty; I mean, you could tell this was beef, but because it was steak, it was a bit too lean, which made it a bit dry for my liking.

4 – Morrison’s Made By Us Beef Quarter Pounders (£2.49 for 4)
This burger smelled well-seasoned and herby, but the flavours were really mild, including the meat. Overall though, I’d be fine adding all my burger toppings to this burger.

3 – Marks & Spencer Aberdeen Angus Quarter Pounder Steak Burgers (£4.50 for 4)
I could tell this was a steak burger as it had a distinctive flavour, but it remained juicy where others hadn’t. The down side to this was that I think they had got a bit carried away with the seasoning as there was a bit much pepper for my tastebuds.

2 – Co-op Truly Irresistible Hereford Beef Burgers (£2.49 for 2)
This burger was a pretty good burger and was very close to my first choice. It was a great beefy flavoured burger which was well seasoned and was the right texture in my opinion.

1 – Lidl Deluxe Scotch Beef Steak Quarter Pounders (£2.99 for 4)
Despite the “Deluxe” tag, this was 2
nd cheapest burger on the table and was a proper burger. It was meaty, juicy and perfectly seasoned with a hint of sweetness in there too somehow. If I’m not making my own burgers this summer, I’d happily have this on my grill.

All burgers were served on an Aldi Brioche Bun with no other fillings, sauces or additional seasoning.

So, that’s my score card, here are the overall group scores. Everyone gave their burgers a score. 1-8. 8 for 8th place and 1 for 1st place, so the burger with the lowest score would be the group’s top burger.

8th place (50 points) – Sainsburys

=6th place (45 points) – Co-op & Lidl

5th place (38 points) – Morrisons

4th place (34 points) – Asda

MandS 3rd3rd place (31 points) – Marks & Spencer

Tesco 2nd2nd place (23 points) – Tesco

Lidl1st1st place (22 points) – Lidl

We’d like to thank everyone who came along, especially to Paul, and Urban Tap House for being the perfect hosts.

When the BBQ season starts for real, we’ll have you over for some Lidl burgers.

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My name's Scott aka shyboy. I'm a 6ft, bald headed, tattooed, bearded Scotsman that's now a dad. Total softy until I need to be the opposite. Love burgers, beer, my girl and my baby boy....not necessarily in that order.


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  3. RAyman

    Had 2 of the Tesco ones last night and thought they were tasty! Will try the Lidl ones next!

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