When Street Art Meets Street Food – Street Food Circus (Cardiff)

 When Street Art Meets Street Food

I’m not talking about juggling burger-makers or sword-swallowing chicken fryers; I should be clear, these are two entities combining for one big event in Cardiff.



 Street Food Cardiff, established by Simon Thomas & Matt The Hat in 2012, part of the Something Creative team, and NoFit State Circus will collaborate to create a temporary cultural centrepiece for the city this summer called Street Food Circus. The site is just a few minutes walk from the city centre and Central Station, in the old stable yard, John Street, directly behind the NoFit State Circus building.


The mini outdoor food festival village, complete with Big Top, will host 12 rotating artisan food trucks, cocktail bar, outdoor BBQs and the finest local craft ales and beers. Again, for clarity, the stalls will not be doing 360s, but rather, the vendors at the event will change.


Opening on the 1st of May and operating on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings (5pm-11pm Fri & Sat, Sun tbc) this is surely an event that cannot be missed. There are plans to operate in June too, but those dates are yet to be confirmed.


So which food vendors can you expect to see?


Hokkei Box – Awesome Asian food from two Masterchef finalists, Larkin & Dale, who became friends on the hit show and Hokkei was born. Get ready for some beautiful BaosBuns from the boys.


Purple Poppadom – Street Kitchen Tiffin Cup winner AnandGeorge and his reinvention of Indian cuisine will be there serving Bhaji Pav and Keema PavPav is the Portuguese word for bread (small rolls), while bhaji means vegetable and Keema is generally minced lamb. Both of these are traditional street dishes, but we guess there might be a little twist to it.


Dirty Bird and their Buttermilk Fried Chicken – If you’ve eaten this before, you’ll remember them for their chicken. If you haven’t you’ll remember them for “that” logo.


Chucks – The Roadside Diner will be there serving their handmade, British Street Food award winning, chuck steak burgers. We can highly recommend their bacon cheeseburger. Deeee-feckin-licious!


Hangfire Smokehouse – The First Ladies of the BBQ Pit are pretty famous these days, they’ve been on the tellybox and everything!!! This is another chance to taste some of their award winning products. Get in the queue; the wait will be worth it!


Meat & Greek – Authentic Greek street food is the order of the day. Yamas!!!!


Slow Pig – The vintage food truck will be there serving all manner of mouthwatering dishes made from their own pigs and other local produce. If you love bacon, you’ll love Slow Pig.


The Brulee Bar – Hello dessert!!! Other than saying Mmmmmover and over and daydreaming a little, I don’t think my brain has the words to sell this to you enough!


El Salsa – Bringing Mexican to the masses. These girls make a mean Tinga Chicken Burrito. You’d be loco to walk by!


Mr Churros – No need to head to the Costas for your Spanish doughnut treats. Perfect for dipping in melted chocolate, that’s the churros, not Mr Churros…….or is it?


Burger & Lobster – Serving up Nebraskan lobsters in brioche, hopefully with their lemon and garlic sauce. You seafood, you eat it!


Others, that we’re yet to try, who will be there are – 


Pembrokeshire Beach Food – If you like your lobster a little more local, then look no further than these guys.


The Patagonia Steak Shack – A new concept from chef Jamie O’Leary. Creating Welsh/Argentinian steak sandwiches.


Dixies Vintage Ices – Handcrafted ice cream.


Ffrwrnes – The wood-fired pizza bois. (not a typo, it’s Welsh)


Mr Croquewich – The very best toasted cheese sandwiches.


Hemp Hut – Lebanese Vegetarian food.


Jols Fine Food – Bringing the posh to the party.


Big Fish Little Fish – Forget your fish finger sandwich, this is a fish sandwich that you eat with your pinkie out.


La Ffroga – The Swiss dish Raclette (a cheesy fondu of sorts) with gherkins and served over potatoes. Trust me on this. It will be proper tasty.


Nellys Barn – The best Field to Fork country produce from the West Country


Lolas Wings – American-style Free Range chicken wings in a wonderful selection of homemade sauces.


There are other traders, but they are a closely guarded secret for now. As soon as we have news, we’ll let you know.


Hungry? Yeah? Not long to wait now!


Info – 

Website – http://www.streetfoodcardiff.com

Instagram – @streetfoodcdf

Twitter – @streetfoodcdf

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/streetfeastcardiff


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