BurgerbrOMG! – BBro Lloyd’s supermarket burger taste test results

We at burger bro HQ treat burgers as more than just a tasty foodstuff, burgers for us are a way of life. Sunshine hit Wales the other day leaving us confused and slightly blind, but then it happened. Slowly and gently like a potent silent fart a smell long forgotten drifted across the gardens of the nation. It was charcoal, it was BBQ, but unlike someone else’s cart, it was glorious!

B-bro Scott was well ahead of this trend, and in true burger bro style had been fantasising about summer BBQ burgers, no not that kind of fantasy… At least I hope not. The question he asked the cosmos, or ya know me, was which supermarket burger will be the best this summer? Well, we wanted to find out.

Paul from Urban Tap House (the man behind some pretty epic Burgers) kindly offered his services to cook the burgers for us, we can’t thank him enough for his generosity, and you should all check out his stuff! (I wouldn’t blame you if you went right now, just come back yeah?) In fact, some of Paul’s burgers are the reason I started this blog, so we will always be in his debt.


So we invited whatever bloggers we could find and organised a blind taste test to find out which is the best burger for everyone for your next sunny shindig.

We tasted 8 in total, all cooked the same way, without seasoning in the same kind of buns. So here’s my own list and what I thought about each burger, but you can read about the overall list including the winner here.

8) bringing up the rear is a surprising contender M&S. A burger with so much pepper you couldn’t taste anything else. I actually wanted to check if we’d accidentally bought pepper Burgers, sadly we did not. Texture was good though.

7) next up is co-op, it had more of a beefy taste but was also heavy on the pepper, what’s up with that? It had a decent texture but it was one of the more dry Burgers tested.

6) the chubbiest burger of the bunch came from Aldi, definitely a lot of meat for your dosh. It wasn’t as tasty as some and had a fine texture.

5) Sainsburys came next, it had a more developed beef flavour that actually boarded on the gamey however it was smaller and dryer then others.

4) Asda up next this one actually reminded me of some of the finer ground 100% beef Burgers, a stronger taste than some of the others not super moist but not dry either. Not too bad if you like that sort of burger I just prefer more texture.

3) the top three kicks off with Lidl which was a small but thick one (‘ello sailor). A moist tasty burger a bit different than the others it was hard for me to put a finger on what it was I can only describe it as a creamy fatty taste which was tasty with a great texture.

2) in second place was Morrisons now this was a difficult one to score but ultimately I loved the flavour so it’s scored high on the list. A nice beef flavour but with a Herby seasoning that went really well with the beef flavour. I’d call it a really good alternative from the traditional and one I’ll be buying for my self.

1) numerous uno, the big cheese, the best burger of the lot. A round of applause goes to Tesco. Which for me took the top spot. It was a from the finest range as no others were available but had a similar price to the rest. Taste-wise it had bags of flavour, seasoned enough to bring out the flavour of the meat, tender, moist and like a carnivorous goodie locks I would say it’s just right. Some people will disagree but it had the traditional burger flavour rather than the 100% Beef developed taste, call me old fashioned but I liked it a lot.




About Notorious BBQ Lloyd

Welsh BBQ obsessive and founder of Notorious BBQ, on a journey to bring people amazing smoked meats! You should also check out superburgerbros!

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