The 198g Welsh Beef Burger – Mimosa (Cardiff)

Restaurant1This Super Burger Bro was invited out to a birthday meal with a group of young professionals and the delights of Cardiff Bay awaited me. The eating place was decided by the birthday girl herself (Happy Birthday Jenny) and Mimosa was that choice.

I’ve got an inquisitive mind, not the standard one, but a sort of excessively, overthinking, kind of mind. So while you would be thinking “I wonder what the menu is like at Mimosa.” Or “I wonder if they do deals on the drinks.” I’m over here thinking….What the bejesus is a mimosa?!?

Well, there are a couple of definitions, which I’m sure you want to know now. There’s mimosa – a tropical tree or bush with yellow flowers – and – an alcoholic cocktail made from champagne and orange juice.

I know what you’re thinking. Bubbly and OJ….that’s a Bucks Fizz, well you’re right, but who would choose to go to a bar and restaurant called Bucks Fizz? Not I! Mimosa though, I’d be there with bells on!

So now that we have the educational part out of the way we can get on to the important reviewy type stuff.

In my previous experience, Cardiff Bay and Burgers haven’t really gone together. In fact, this is the first review that I’ve actually wanted to write after eating down there. I may get round to writing the other reviews at some point, but for now……

HummusI started with a starter of hummus and toasted pitta. It was one of the biggest starters I’ve ever seen in my life and tasted great. Creamy, tasty, hints of lemon and garlic with just the right amount of olive oil, it did everything that it should. You could have halved the portion though and I’d still have been happy, but I ate the lot.

On the other side of the menu at Mimosa was a 198g Welsh Beef Burger served in an organic brioche bun, onion rings, redslaw and handcut chips. Bacon & cheese were optional extras which were duly added to my order.Menu

My first observation was that the burgers being delivered to the tables were looking good. I do find some of the things that burgers get delivered on quite amusing, and this burger was delivered on a block of wood and the chips delivered in mini fryer buckets. I have to admit though, this sort of stuff doesn’t rock my world. But this isn’t about the crockery, this is about burgers and buns baby!

Beefburger198g cooks out to be a quarter pounder and this was a well-seasoned and herbed piece of hand formed, minced, Welsh beef. (I kind of wish it said quarter pounder on the menu so I didn’t have to Google it.)

The burger was nicely cooked, with a hint of pink in there, which meant the meat was wonderfully juicy. The burger was packed with a somewhat comforting meaty flavour, with a hint of herbs, and had a really good consistency and texture to it; tender, but with some bite.

BiteThe Welsh beef, creamy, mild, melted cheese and slices of bacon, crispy lettuce, sweet tomato slices and rich mayonnaise were joined on the perfectly golden locally sourced organic brioche bun by two crispy battered onion rings to create a thing of beauty as well as substance.

I feel that the bun deserves a special mention. It was awesome. I know that there will be some debate over the ideal amount of toasting or the consistency of a bun ie too fluffy or overly dense (It can’t just be us that debates these finer points of burgengineering is it?) This was a divine bun. This was bread of heaven. This was something a bit special and I felt that the marriage of this bun and burger was ordained by a greater power.ChickenBurger

Not only was the food superb, but the service was fantastic and the chat on Twitter entertained me and the table. Thank you for a superb meal, awesome hospitality and inviting me into the kitchen to meet Lee and the rest of the team.

My criticisms are minor. The burger didn’t fill the full diameter of the bun (it took me two bites to get to the meat) and I’d have preferred that. The menu didn’t say anything about the lettuce, tomato or mayo, so it was a bit of a surprise to find them in there already. I was fine with them being there, but for someone with a food allergy, or other dietary requirement, that might be a different story.

Mimosa, for restoring my faith in burger production in Cardiff Bay and an all round superb burger, your 198g Welsh Beef Burger (Please find a catchier name for it!) gets a 4.5 out of 5 from this delighted Super Burger Bro.


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