The Black & Blue Burger – The Lansdowne Pub (Cardiff) by BB Lloyd

The Cardiff burger-sphere is always ripe with recommendations, but when a burger is recommended by 3 celebrities (loosely speaking), then the Burger Bros take note. This particular call to arms came to our attention through the local TV channel made in Cardiff, and it shows Burger-off.

Cardiff’s Burger behemoths battled it out and like Chuck Norris in pretty much every film the Lansdowne pub in Canton emerged victorious from the BBQ smoke.

The Lansdowne pub if you’ve never been is a gem of a pub. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I love that pub, it’s the perfect place to meet your friends, loads of seating, loads of beers (usual and craft), and after visiting we can say it has one hell of a burger.

So to the meaty business at hand. 2 burger bros, 2 burgers, 2 pints what more could you want or need in life?

So the burger menu at the Lansdowne is small but perfectly formed, when we read the board our mouths started to water. The Greek Lamb & Halloumi Burger sounded pretty epic and this burger bro needs (not wants needs) to return to try that European tease. However, we came for a special burger, a burger apparently so good it beats all the other burgers in Cardiff…. We present the Welsh black and blue.

Here’s how it breaks down.

  • 6oz Welsh Black burger
  • Blue Cheese
  • Pickles
  • Salad
  • Onion rings
  • Big ass mushroom
  • Crusty roll
  • Love
  • Kindness
  • World peace
  • Probably other lovely things.

So here it is. Like a beef UFO, the saucer landed on our laps, containing a mountain of a burger. My tower was a bit wonky, but I appreciated the physics involved, and I was amazed it hadn’t fallen off the plate.

I opted to tackle my burger without the onion rings so that I didn’t get grease and salad on my eyebrows. The onion rings were crunchy and tasty, and if you choose to take on that beast, they would be a worthy addition to this burger.

Now there was one thing that stood out in this burger, and I can see why Burger-off latched onto it. Some would say it’s the most important thing, I’m talking about the meat. This burger patty is epic, it was perfectly cooked with a lovely texture which wasn’t too fine and wasn’t too crumbly, but most of all the taste was pretty amazing.

Juice with the taste akin to a thousand dreams flowed steadily from the burger and mixed with the cheese and mushroom. I know what you’re thinking, with all that love juice surly the bun would turn into a poorly executed ghostbuster’s Slimer cosplay? Well, you’re wrong, they thought of that and the home baked (we asked, and he actually bakes the buns every morning) crusty roll was more than a match for the deluge of taste.

I’ve not mentioned the cheese! Now I’m not a massive cheese lover, but I’ve been coming around to it over the last few years. In the burger, there didn’t seem to be a lot of blue cheese but that was perfect for me, I had enough of the taste to melt with the burger but without it overpowering everything. My only criticism here is that if you buy a burger called the black and blue and expect to be hit in the face with stinky cheese then you may leave disappointed. That being said, for this Burger Bro, the balance was perfect.

Now I think of it, I had only one other criticism and I don’t want you to think this in any way diminished my enjoyment of the burger, it’s more of an opinion. Our burgers came with a big ass mushroom, one of those flat ones you see with steaks except this one was the size of the bun. Now I’m all for a fleshy shroom, I’m not anti-fungal in any way, but this one was so juicy that it made the already flowing burger into an armed water bomb primed to explode at the first bite.

I liked the flavour and the mushroom mixed well with the meat, I just think the flat mushroom was a danger to my t-shirt and possibly anyone nearby.

So I’ve tackled the stars of the show, the rest of the toppings were pretty standard but perfectly formed. The salad was crisp, and the pickles cut through the meat and the cheese to make sure every mouthful was as exciting as the last.

I really loved this burger; I saw how it was made on Burger-off and the quality of the ingredients and care taken to make it really shine through. Get your mates together, flock to the Lansdowne, eat one of the best burgers in Cardiff, then drink to celebrate that fact. 5/5 stars.

About Notorious BBQ Lloyd

Welsh BBQ obsessive and founder of Notorious BBQ, on a journey to bring people amazing smoked meats! You should also check out superburgerbros!

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