The Golden Grinch – Grazing Shed (Cardiff)

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the shed a burger was stirring until I got fed.

That’s right folks the season of merriment is upon us, and so our attention turns to festive burgers!

Grazing Shed was one of the first to answer our festive call to arms with not one, not two, but three festive additions to their menu (although one was veggie and we were too full to try it).

Now our burger expectations are always pretty high, they’re our reason for being and it’s very likely burgers are the way to my heart. It’s a tough ask then for someone to not only achieve a decent burger but to create a burger that conjures up the feeling of Christmas in my mouth hole.

Luckily for us, Grazing Shed laugh in the face of Christmas mouth holes. They laugh and they fill it with cheese and meat. YES all of the YES.


So I present to you the golden Grinch, a burger that attempts to steal Christmas by trapping it in cheese, or as I call it the way I’d like to die. Here’s how it lines up:

  • 100% Welsh beef (I bet they say that to all the bros)
  • Melted Camembert of dreams
  • Smoked bacon off of pigs n that
  • Rosemary and cracked black pepper Mayo ( Xmas be fancy yo)
  • Brian Cranstonberry jam (cranberry jam is the one who knocks Santa’s socks off)
  • lettuce (negates all other calories)
  • Country gravy dipping sauce on the side. Dip anything in this and it will get eaten, just, ya know, something to remember.

As we’ve come to expect from Grazing Shed, everything was cooked really well; it’s worth mentioning that we tried the new shed in St. Mary’s Street and I’m happy to report the quality is just as good as G-shed HQ’s.


The meat lays the foundation of this burger, sturdy, good textured but not dry, in this burger, it serves as a palette to build on and that’s what they do!


This burger is meant to melt together; it’s comfort in a bun which was then dipped in the cheese of love. The lettuce, which seems random on the list, added a bit of necessary crunch to an unctuous burger, it worked with the bacon to keep the textures interesting through to the last bite.

The primary flavour though? is cheese and jam, together at last. Camembert and cranberry mix the sweet and savoury in the best possible way, reminiscent of the berry and turkey; it’s this that sprinkles that bit of Christmas magic beneath the bun. They didn’t skimp on the cheese either, it oozed it, gooed, I did the same.


Overall you need to be a cheese lover to like this burger and it just happens that I am. The cheese and jam give a savoury sweet coating to the beef that brought everything together really well. To be honest, I couldn’t pick the Mayo up much but it could well add to the melting pot of loveliness without being obvious about it, no one likes an arrogant mayonnaise anyway.

My verdict 4.5/5 I really enjoyed the burger, I think you’d need to love the fruit and cheese combo punch to really get on board, and I do…oh so very much. Another Christmas cracker from grazing shed I urge you to try it yourself. Merry Christmas everyone!




About Notorious BBQ Lloyd

Welsh BBQ obsessive and founder of Notorious BBQ, on a journey to bring people amazing smoked meats! You should also check out superburgerbros!

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