The Celt Fire Festival 2016 – Caerphilly

What’s not to love about a festival that brings fire, beer, food and music together into one place?

When I first saw the advert on Twitter for The Celt Fire Festival, I thought, I’m a Celt and I like fire; I should go to that.

As I read on, I saw that it was hosted by Caerphilly-based craft brewer The Celt Experience, I thought, I’m a Celt that likes fire and beer; I should really get a ticket for that.

After looking into it a little bit further and talking to a fellow Super Burger Bro, I was informed that there would be food too, and not just any food. Local streetfood, pizza-making legends, Dusty Knuckle Pizza Co were firing up their oven for the night. At that point I thought to myself, fire, beer and pizza; I’ll be there with bells on!

For those of you that don’t usually celebrate festivals of fire (like me) the story is that Celts of old celebrated the turning of the seasons, which was marked by an event called Imbolc.

In true Celtic tradition, this was accompanied by fire, music, dancing and pizza, sorry food that probably wasn’t pizza, but if they could’ve, they would’ve…..probably.

So on Saturday, 6th February, I’ll be in a brewery in Caerphilly along with some of the best craft beer makers in the land. Brew By Numbers from London, Northern Monk from Leeds, Wiper & True from Bristol, Chorlton Brewery of Manchester and, of course, our hosts, The Celt Experience.

The non-beer drinkers can console themselves with the knowledge that Eccentric Gin will be there too, as will Williams Brothers Cider and some mead from not one, but two mead makers. Mabinogion Mead and Gosnells London Mead. What is mead anyway? That’s the stuff they drank in castles in the 1200’s as they ate a whole pig and shouted at serving wenches, right?

For the uber-beer enthusiast there are live brews, workshops and discussions taking place, but I’ll probably stick to drinking the stuff.

Dusty Knuckle will be joined by Hyde Park Book Club, vegetarian barbecue specialists from Leeds. The folks at Dusty Knuckle have promised a pizza + beer pairings menu and no doubt the HPBC menu will be pretty special too.

Tickets are available now for just £10 and include your first drink at and you can check out travel arrangements via their Facebook page



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