The Taxi Driver – Gourmet Burger Kitchen (Cardiff)

“There never has been a choice for me” – Travis Bickle, Taxi Driver (1976)

To be fair, there kinda wasn’t. When I visited Cardiff’s GBK I’d hoped to don my burger sombrero with The Habanero.

“I’m so sorry. We’re out of The Habanero,” the lady griamced from behind the counter. Expecting some tyrade from a disappointed John Q Public. But I’m a Burger Bro now. That’s not how we roll.

“Well, that’s no problem. What’s your fave?” I asked. Praying it wasn’t the ‘Blue Cheese’!

“The Taxi driver is amazing!” She gushed.

“And The Taxi Driver it is!”

I had chips too,though. Who doesn’t have chips!?

An impressively short time later GBK’s Taxi Driver parked right in front of me and switched off the meter.

100% West Country Beef with American cheese, 

Onion ring, 

Cajun relish, 

Smoked chilli mayo, 

Dill pickle,


Sesame bun.

She was right – “Amazing”. First and foremost the beef was sublime. It tasted fresher than the morning snow. Like it had been shaped into a patty moments before it sizzled over the grill, putting the brakes on at my table. It was cooked to perfection. Moist and most of all tasty as hells!

I usually tear any onion ring straight out of a burger. Not because I don’t agree, you understand. Mostly because I’m greedy and I like to treat it as an appetiser while I wait the required seconds to behold my wonderful feast. I just couldn’t with this burger though. It would’ve have felt down-right abusive. Especially once I’d take me first bite…

It’s certainly more of a yellow cab than it is a mini-cab. Unapologetic in its classical roots and it should be. The Cajun relish brought an earthy smoked flavour to the mix, while the chilli Mayo sweetened the pot and raised the flavour up a little. Hells, I don’t even like pickle, but here it made a soft bed of freshness to every bite I took.

5* – it really is the perfect combo without forgetting that meat is just as important as the relish


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