Warrior – TGI Friday (Newport Road – Cardiff) 

I shall tell you a tale, a tale of valour of intrigue and cheesy hands, a tale to tell your children and your children’s children for this was the day 3 brothers of the burger vanquished the beast.

On a sun-drenched afternoon, our Burger Brothers 3 set about their daily duties. The first two recounted their quests of yore, to the burger gods they would shout, and fist bumping soon ensued. The third warrior being of baby persuasion mostly laughed at funny noises, but his spirit was great, and the gods were pleased.

Suddenly our brave warriors were ambushed by the greatest of all burger bro enemies. The mighty hunger had raised its ugly head.

Hunger struck viciously at the brothers, and there was nothing they could do. It had got them where it knew they would suffer the most….their stomachs.

The battle raged for many minutes when at last our brothers 3 happened upon a garrison against hunger. The flag of TGI Friday enraged the beast as the brothers waited to be seated.

By now our brothers were weak. The mighty hunger had taken its toll. The thunderous rumble of their stomachs filled their ears, a sure sign the beast was winning.

But it was then the brothers saw it, buried deep in the menu, an aptly named burger forged by the gods of Friday! It was then they knew the burger gods had sent them a sign, and it read ‘Warrior’.

Two 7oz* burgers piled high with Mozzarella dippers, Colby cheese, bacon, American cheese, caramelised onions, and Fridays® mayo. Served with Cajun spiced onion rings.

A mighty weapon indeed! But our tale isn’t over for the only way to truly vanquish the great hunger is through the act of satisfaction. Would it be up to the task?

And thus The Warrior arrived towering high, the mighty hunger was instantly stunned. But a slight problem then happened upon the brothers, with a beefy weapon so mighty, how could they absorb its power without making a mess?

This warrior opted for a surgical approach. Halfing the burger with his mighty sword in the hope of finding a weakness to exploit, and lo, he succeeded, but there was a cost…

The burger itself was surprisingly tasty, although cooked well done it wasn’t dry and its caramelised outside kept a consistent meaty taste throughout eating.

The bacon cheese and onion worked really well, but that’s nothing new, although no one item stood out, together with a fresh salad the whole thing was pretty tasty.

The mozzarella sticks seemed an odd choice for the burger and taste wise they didn’t add much, just an extra dose of cheese. I felt like they wanted them there to add texture, but it didn’t quite work. That being said they didn’t detract from the taste it just seemed like a gimmick that doesn’t pay off.

Oh right back to the story.

And so our brothers tried to devour the Warrior, it’s size made this into a messy affair. Tomatoes crashed into their plates and burgers slid from buns. Gravity would not make it easy for our brothers, but after accepting their hands would be covered in cheese its strength was added to their own.

The brothers sat back and smiled, satisfaction at last they thought. So it was written, hunger was defeated, and a legend was born.

This bro proclaimed The Warrior as a 3.5-star burger. Epic of quantity and definitely satisfying but ultimately not show-stopping.

If you battle the mighty hunger and need the convenience TGI Friday provides then you could do worse than The Warrior. You’ll  leave satisfied, just don’t expect a gourmet burger.

Verily they all lived happily ever after, that was until their next quest….the aptly titled ‘death-defying rescue of baby bro from the nappy demon of poo land’ … But that’s a story for another time.

The end

About Notorious BBQ Lloyd

Welsh BBQ obsessive and founder of Notorious BBQ, on a journey to bring people amazing smoked meats! You should also check out superburgerbros!

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  1. T Williams

    Poor baby is picking up some bad habits already.


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