The Grazing Shed’s Euro Burger Menu Preview!


Holy Cheezus!!! It’s been a rip-roaring start the The Euros 2016!

But it’s important not to forget to get some meaty goodness with all the excitement! The Euros ain’t over and we have to keep our strength up!

The Grazing Shed and their Super Tidy Burgers are our recommendation for all the burger sustenance you’re going to need over the next few weeks. Not only their burgers better than a second-come come back, but the good people at Grazing Shed have kicked up a brilliant assortment of Euro 2016 themed burgers!

We may be rooting for Wales to bring it home in the football, but I’m kicking off with my personal fave…El Toro
Like a primed Spanish bull, this burger is refined, complex, and devastating in its delivery – the perfect flavour and texture blend – beef topped with Pyrenean style goat’s cheese fondue, a honey glaze, grilled chorizo, finished with a flash of hot chilli.

Then,it’s back to the land of my fathers. You can bust that hunger and feel patriotic all at the same timeThe Holy Bale
Fresh off the rolling hills of Wales. This succulent Welsh lamb patty canoodles a bed of dragon slaw, topped with seared feta, smoked chilli jam, finished with our house garlic & rosemary mayo.

And how about something from our hosting country?Allez Le Brie
A punchy pong of culinary France, the combination of truffle mayo and brie adds a creamy and fragrant companion to the smokey bacon and the succulent welsh beef, topped with our red onion confit for that je ne sais quoi.

And then we have something simple and tasty from our neighbor!Mr. Pickles
Quintessentially English in its raw sharpness of flavour – beef with a big blob of our homemade pickled onion and gherkin hash, softened with creamy cheddar and sweet ketchup. It’s so sharp it would even bring Gazza to tears!


Maybe too much for one sitting,but don’t miss out on these delicious delights while we cheer on our boys in red…or white…or…whatever! Just get em down ya!

Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for some new tasty content, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter to stay upto date (links below), I have a funny feeling we’ll be trying out Grazing Shed’s Euro beasts very soon!

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