El Toro – The Grazing Shed (Cardiff)


There was always ever one choice for me when The Grazing Shed, in Cardiff, were gracious enough to share their new line of burgers with The Burger Bros, inspired by The Euros. That, my respected amigos, was El Toro!

It’s description denoted the beauty of its namesake:


Topped with Pyrenean-style Goat’s cheese fondue

Glazed honey

Topped with grilled chorizo

Hot chilli and batavia 

I was poised, like the Matadors of old. I felt the only way to take this beast down would be A porta gayola – kneeling at the front of the gate – as El Toro burst into the ring and came straight for me.

But I tell you, mí familia, this Matador de hamberguesa, showed no fear! How could I? I had waited a long time for the glory of taking down El Toro. It was our destiny and after our culinary dance. One of us would leave the bull ring victorious.

The first blow (or bite) to El Toro was just like its bullish namesake; fine, sturdy and quite magnificent. As always with The Grazing Shed, the beef is succulent and part of the whole. So many burger joints nowadays forget the main ingredient is to accompanied and not heaped onto. Then came in the deep smokiness of the chorizo, lit up by the chilli.

Madré de dios!!!

Victorious one of us needed to be, but El Toro demands your respect. It’s certainly a refined animal and not to be triffled with. I felt confident, but one must not take the eyes of such beauty. If there was one thing El Toro held over me during our parlay it was the goats cheese. It seemed to bolt through the majority of flavours and give an unapologetic hoof kick. The cambio ( or change in direction ) got the better of me once or twice. That being said, I’m not the biggest fan of goats cheese. I feel a more forgiving matador to the goat would have been more welcoming of the flavour that blanketed El Toro.

My victory was swift. El Toro has such well taylored flavors it was hard not to. However, I will never forget looking into El Toros eyes as the Embestida ( charge ) began each time! Such a creature of beauty! I would not gloat as I looked down at the empty basket.

“Another time?” El Toro’s spirit whispered to me…

“Absolutely,” I whispered back. “It was an honour.”

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