The Pizza Boy – Beefy Boys (Hereford)

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Ladies and gentlemen, the English quota of the Burger Bros returns, and after a recent trip to the homeland, I finally got around to dining at The Beefy Boys.

Since their escapades to the US of A became known to us, where they were crowned with the 2nd best burger in the world, it has been a mission of ours to wrap our lips around one of these burgers. So on the day the rest of my Bros made their way to Grillstock (where the main quota of Beefy Boys were set up for the weekend), I made my way to their fancy new restaurant, and sampled the delights created by their hand picked chef!

I suppose the initial wait of 25 minutes for a seat was proof of how popular these burgers have become in Hereford, and judging by the various accents around me, people all around the country have jumped on the beefy bandwagon too.


There’s a number of choices on the menu, many of which will likely be around forever, so I took the chance to sample the Pizza Boy from their specials page.

The Pizza Boy – 21 day aged Herefordshire beef patty, marinara sauce, breaded mozzarella, Swiss cheese, American cheese, pepperoni and red onion. #NoSalad 🙂

Sticking to the norm, I doubled up the patties and on the side I went for a delectable plate of chilli cheese fries.

Sidenote: I went for my burgers cooked well done; I can feel the frowning and huffs of disappointment, but this was my burger, not yours! However, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you can get your burgers pink in the middle and dripping with juices like a….. [fill in blank]!!!

While it was a busy evening I didn’t have to wait long for by meal to arrive, and I instantly went weak at the knees when presented with it. Unlike many places when you double up on patties, where the additional meat is treated like the step-brother you don’t really like and just slapped in the bun, this extra burger was treated with the love and respect you’d expect between identical twin bros. Both burgers were smothered in marinara sauce, the two cheeses, plus 4 slices of pepperoni on each.

Despite my preference of a well done burger, these were still super juicy and delivered the perfect compliment to the runny cheeses and marinara sauce, not forgetting the subtle crisp of the coated mozzarella (herby as well), which gave the Pizza Boy the complete package of a pizza on a burger. The brioche bun soaked up everything nicely, and helped keep a solid shape – this burger might actually be perfect!!!

Every mouthful was an absolute treat, and the accompanying chilli cheese fries (best I’ve ever had) tell me The Beefy Boys care about more than just their burgers, which they’ve got nailed to a T.

Quoting Shyboy’s last review (The Big Ron & The Reuben) “Just to be clear, nobody gets 5, because if you eat the perfect burger, the world ends.” – made me think is it worth ending the world for the sake of one burger? Luckily, I’ve decided no, because I want to eat many many more (as should you), so the Pizza Boy by my Herefordian bretherin gets a 4.99 out of 5.00 and with that the world is still safe, for now!

Next time you find yourself stuck on the A49 while traveling through Hereford, make sure you take the chance to sample the Beefy Boys, and thank the Lord Hereford still doesn’t have a ring road!

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