Chicken breast & Chorizo Burger – The Landsdowne Pub, Cardiff

It’s a rare and rewarding thing to be wow’ed by simplicity.  Rarer still is nuanced effort.

With Burgers being very much en vogue, burger lovers have noticed a trend of:

Berserker Burger

[Ber-surkuh, zerkuh Ber-guh]


  1. A frenzied and imprudent attempt to heap ingredients in a bid to out-do other restaurants
  2. A rawkus mish-mash of ill-fitting ingredients.

Where did the nuance go?  The conscious and purposeful method to put a great burger together.  We’re still talking about food here, people!  It’s still a dish to be savored and enjoyed.

Seemingly, nuance went to the Landsdowne Pub in Cardiff.  Let’s face it; we’re talking about chicken and chorizo.  A popular combo invented to obscure the blandness of chicken.  So, to eat a burger where care has been taken to make the chicken in your burger a corner stone of the flavor, you know the game has changed!

The Landsdowne Pub take your burger as seriously as you do.  An understated and somehow impressive presentation displays your burgers ingredients with aplomb.  Your eyes get a feast before your dear ol’ belly.

The chicken is a total coup.  Treated like it’s just as important and not taken for granted as the substance ties the whole thing together.  Studiously seasoned with the whole dish in mind brings a touch of class to the proceedings.  Everything adds to the chicken rather than obscures it.  The touch of chilli flakes makes for a warm accompaniment rather than a dry-mouthed inferno.

Just as much care is taken with everything else between the buns.  Bringing together a lush grouping of food rather than accoutrement.  Not only are the spinach and tomatoes fresher than the morning snow, but a great deal of thought has gone into which best accompanies the mainstay of this fine achievement.

The Chicken and Chorizo burger is a delicate work of art, perfectly balanced.  

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