The Brooklyn Brunch – NYD (New York Diner) Cardiff

NYD is a newly opened Diner that’s carved out its own spot on City Road. For those not familiar with City Road then you’ve been missing out on one of Cardiff’s cultural melting pots. Legend has it that if you can’t buy something on City Road then it doesn’t exist, so it was with a sense of relief that NYD has opened to serve up Burgers and loveliness, thus stopping me from having an existential crisis of near biblical proportions.

NYD’s set up is very slick. To be honest on hearing a themed restaurant had opened up I had an image of something more like TGI Fridays or Ed’s Diner, but NYD is a world apart from a novelty restaurant. I had a debate with my self on how to describe the decor, and I’ve gone with ‘urban New York Loft with awesome posters and light up signs’ (i’m a food blogger, not an interior design blogger). Either way, the place felt open, relaxed but with a nod to New York that wasn’t cheesy – in other words I liked it a lot.


There’s a place in my heart for the communal dining experience offered by places like Stable or Grazing Shed, but I have to admit I really liked the more traditional approach taken by NYD, there were actual comfortable chairs with backs to them! They’ve become a burger novelty of late.

So down to the brass tacks, the first thing I noticed was that the menu wasn’t over complicated. NYD offer a range of New York-themed food including Hot dogs, chicken, steak, deli-style sandwiches and of course Burgers.

I settled down to a burger session with Burger Bro Dan (@outpostpodcast), we both fancied their burger specials and as he decided on their Empire Stack, I thought I’d go a little different and attempt the Brooklyn Brunch.

The Brooklyn Brunch – Beef Patty, scrambled egg, hash brown, turkey rasher, red onion, lettuce and tomato ketchup.


The burger arrived, and I was impressed with what greeted me, I know I shouldn’t be shallow but I eat with my eyes first, and I couldn’t  wait to get stuck in.

You’ll notice that I also opted for sweet potato fries because I love me a sweet potato fries even though I’m obviously sweet enough.

I’ve found it hard to compare this burger to others around because truth be told I’ve not had that many breakfast inspired burgers (a crime I hope to rectify). The closest flavour profile I can think of is that well-known stalwart of hangover breakfasts, the egg McMuffin.

This Burger is perhaps the best McMuffin you’ll ever have. It’s like a delicious burger decided to eat a McMuffin and take its power as it’s own, what we have here…is the brunch highlander… THERE CAN BE ONLY AS MANY WAS YOU WANT?!

Anyway here’s a breakdown of how it tastes.

Patty wise I was pleasantly surprised, it was a flatter more traditional sized patty, but it was still packed with flavour. It had a smooth texture but not so smooth that it seemed processed, we also know it’s not processed because we could see the chef making the patties behind us.

We discovered that they flame grill their burgers for an extra BBQ taste, I believe this also means at some point the power of a BK Whopper flowed into this burger,  remember there can be only one…

The dominant flavour here was that of breakfast. Scrambled egg, ketchup and turkey bacon are definitely what stands out however they mix well on a bed of scrumptious, juicy beef with a hash brown adding both texture and substance. The turkey bacon gave the smoked flavour I’m used to, and if you hadn’t told me it wasn’t bacon then I wouldn’t have noticed, it just tasted like American style bacon and was packed with flavour.

If I had one criticism, the burger could have benefited from more sauce to cut through the egg, but I think that’s a preference thing on my part. However, I believe NYD knew I needed some sauciness in my life because they introduced us to their homemade chilli sauces thus rendering my criticism mute in the best possible way.

*NYD HACK* – if you’re a chilli head then add the homemade ‘NYD chilli inferno’ sauce to your Brooklyn Brunch Burger. The sauce escalates that burger to another level. Use the sauce to cut through the taste of the eggs, and you won’t be disappointed, but be warned that sauce does pack a smokey tasty fiery punch.

4/5 stars.

Overall I was really impressed with what was on offer at NYD, what they do isn’t complicated but it works, and that’s not always easy to pull off.

You can definitely tell there’s some love that’s gone into crafting that restaurant as well as the burgers. I suspect the rest of the menu will stack up nicely too and I can’t wait to try it. Oh and another thing, they are excellent value for money! Check out their menu prices. There’s even a kids menu starting from around a fiver.

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Welsh BBQ obsessive and founder of Notorious BBQ, on a journey to bring people amazing smoked meats! You should also check out superburgerbros!

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