The Brunch Menu, New York Diner (NYD), Cardiff

I remember it well, it was in 2007. I was too late for breakfast and too early for lunch and I inadvertently had “brunch” for the very first time.

Brunch was always one of those things that rich people did in movies, there was no place for it in my life; well up until that moment anyway.

Nowadays, brunch is a regular weekend occurrence, and occasionally it’s something that I’ll go out for rather than making it myself.


NYD has been a hit with my Super Burger Bros; Dan and Lloyd have both written rave reviews of burgers at this well designed little eatery on City Road and they made it clear that were fans, so when I got a call to invite me along for brunch, I jumped at the chance.

Off I headed with my other half and my little boy to try some of the dishes that have been added to a new Halal brunchtime menu.

Waffles, bagels, pancakes, muffins; all American staples in breakfast bars, cafés and diners across in the old U S of A and now they make up the menu at NYD.

The downside to blogging alone is that you have to stick to one dish to review, but having two other mouths with me, even if one is just a tiny one, means that you can have a little taste of more dishes if everyone is prepared to share; thankfully that was how Sian and I both think and Oliver is too young to argue with me yet.

Safe in the knowledge that I was going to get to try a couple of dishes I plumped for the Southern-fried chicken and waffles with maple syrup and a skinny cappuccino. Sian picked the Eggs Benedict and a morning tea, while Oliver had a short stack of pancakes with berries.


Chicken and waffles may sound like a strange combo, but it’s a taste and texture sensation. Waffles that are crunchy on the outside and fluffy in the centre, melted creamy butter and sweet maple syrup are beautifully complimented by the lightly herbed, crisp, golden brown tender chicken pieces. Be a bit adventurous and give it a try at least once in your life.


My coffee was hot, frothy and tasted of coffee. I know that’s not much of a review, but I mainly do burgers, so cut me some slack.

Sian’s opted for the Eggs Benedict; two poached eggs, a couple of rashers of smoked turkey “bacon” and Hollandaise sauce on a toasted English muffin. The yolks were runny, just the way we both like our poached eggs and the dish was as good as any I’d had before.

Her tea, English Tea No 1, by Ahmad Tea, was declared to be very nice. I don’t do tea, but she does, so she’s the expert and should be listened to.

Oliver’s pancakes were slightly heavier than any American pancakes I’ve had in the past, but they did taste great with the cinnamon sugar and fresh raspberries. Oliver agreed.

We were invited along as guests of Shaz and his team at New York Diner and didn’t have to pay for our food, but were under no obligation to write a favourable review.

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My name's Scott aka shyboy. I'm a 6ft, bald headed, tattooed, bearded Scotsman that's now a dad. Total softy until I need to be the opposite. Love burgers, beer, my girl and my baby boy....not necessarily in that order.

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