The Ribman Special – Honest burgers – South Kensington, London 

London again, as is tradition for burger bros a new city means new burgers and London certainly gives you choice. 

My visit this time brought me to the science museum cause Tim peak was da bomb in space, yo. If you don’t know London the museum is in South Kensington. 

Now, I’m not what you might call posh, and Kensington seems to be full of a mix of people but the cafe culture and wine bar scene definitely has the air of poshery about it. It seemed that many a middle class hipster has set up shop here so how do burgers fit in? 

Well tucked away, around the corner from the natural history museum is the simple black sign denoting honest burgers. I’ve said before having burger in your name is bold statement, you’re nailing your intentions to the mast from the off, so it means you have to deliver.  

So what’s an honest burger? My initial thoughts range from the ground up flesh of Abraham Lincoln (very unsanitary) to some sort of anti hamburgler although I’m not sure what that would be….maybe Burger Jesus? Anyway it seems that honest burger in this instance refers too a somewhat pure take on the American classic except with hipster fries. 

In this instance I’ll be honest the simple burgers didn’t really sing to me, now I usually like simple clean flavours but when in London you wanna get funky. Also they all come with rosemary flavoured fries…what’s up with that? Not gonna lie as a signature goes that’s a bit of a shit one. Luckily for me that months special had me covered. 

It’s no secret that the burger bros love street food. To make money the street food guys tend to nail what they do. In London one such man is simply known as the Rib Man and you wouldn’t Adam and Eve what he sells. I’ve followed the Rib Man for some time. He sells rib meat on and off the bone and generally sells out every time he’s at a market, but what does this have to do with my burger? Well? I wander into honest burger, I’m welcomed by a waistcoated waiter; I’m handed a menu and a tiny specials menu. It says…

The Rib Man – Beef, Rib Man rib meat, cheddar, Holy F*** mayo, pickles and lettuce. 

So basically honest burger found one of London’s best street food vendors and chucked it on a burger. Philosophical question for you, WHY ISNT EVERYONE DOING THIS!?!  In my head this is one of the best tag teams since hulk hogan and the ultimate warrior!

The burger itself was decent, cooked medium as per my request it was juicy it was meaty and the mayo, cheese, salad and pickle did that amazing burger thing where each mouthful  melted into that oh so lovely slightly umami burger taste. It didn’t stop there though the rib meat, which had a lovely rub coating, peppered my mouthfuls changing it back and forth from burger bliss to rib bliss with the occasional mouthful bringing the meat together into a sexy cocktail that no one should take for granted. 

What I’m saying is, it was good. It wasn’t perfect though, I find honest burgers beef is on the cusp of being overworked. It means with a little tweak the texture could be out if this world good but that being said it manages to be a respectable good. 

The rib meat was epic my only criticism is that the Rib Man is known for his rather generous potions which wasn’t the case here but to be fair I had enough to get the taste across. The Rib Man is also known for his signature ‘holy fuck’ hot sauce which honest turned into a mayo. This was my biggest dissapointment as I didn’t get any sort of kick from that mayo. Tasty as it was, it didn’t compete with the meat and vanished into the Umami without a fight. It’s no bad thing I guess but if you’ve got ‘holy fuck’ written in your menu you expect a kick or atleast tickle and yes I am still talking about the burger not my Friday nights. 

I feel I may sound harsh in my criticism but I’m only so cause it was sooo close to being a truly outstanding otherworldly good 5 star burger. In the grand scheme this is still a very good burger, it’s a great idea done very well and it’s something I hope more people think about. Overall a solid 4 stars. 

About Notorious BBQ Lloyd

Welsh BBQ obsessive and founder of Notorious BBQ, on a journey to bring people amazing smoked meats! also a big geek, rugby fan and superburgerbro

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