About the Bros

Firstly we are the original Super burger bros, not the guys from south America who have stolen our name and logo! To our new South American followers, holla! You’re welcome to join in the fun just know we’re in the UK and probably are not the droids you’re looking for.

Anyway, I think some vague introductions are the first order of the day. We are the Super Burger Bros.

Lloyd – Burger loving Welshman, I started the blog way back when but it’s my Burger-bros who make it a success!

Scott (Shyboy) – The Scottish Social Media Mogul, chances are on Twitter you’ll speak to Scott.

Martin – He’s from Hereford so must know his beef that’s what we tell ourselves anyway.

Dan – Geek by day and the same by night, he’ll be droppin’ burger knowledge like it’s hawt.

Paul – He’s a lean mean masticating machine, also from Scotland he completes our meaty Team.

So I’m Lloyd and I wanted to take a moment to explain what we’re all about. I’m that guy that looks at a menu, reads every bit (including the veggie options, even I don’t know why?) then orders a burger.

I take no shame in my choices, because I love burgers, I believe a well crafted burger has everything great about food. Think about it, hearty breads, good quality meats, limitless flavor and texture combinations and nine times out of ten the option to add bacon!

There are few things in life that come close to when a burger hits the mark, so I’ll be setting off on a culinary adventure to find out where the best burgers can be found.

With the help of my Super Burger Bros we’ll be digging up the best burgers around the bustling burger metropolis of Cardiff and South Wales and sometimes…the world!

So you know what to expect here’s a bit of a mission statement, a set of ideals to guide our fledgling blog and to give all us Burger Bros something to work from when we craft our reviews.

Rule number 1 – if you put a burger on your menu it’s fair game to be reviewed. I don’t care if you sell the most amazing steak or mind blowing sushi, burgers radiate the love you put into making them and our reviews will reflect that.

Rule number 2 – there’s no perfect burger, some burgers are all about the meat and that’s OK. We also know that others are all about the combination of flavours and that’s OK too. We’ll do our best to be honest about each part of the burger as well as how well it all works together.

Rule number 3 – ratings will be based on the personal taste of each Bro. We’ll score each burger between 1 – 5 but we’ll always let you know why. If you disagree let us know, you could be a burger Bro too.

Rule number 4 – Sides and drinks are important, they can on occasion enhance a burger, these may be reviewed but won’t affect the burger rating, I don’t care how good your sweet potato fries are if the burger is pants the score will show it.

Rule number 5 – no review is final, places change, chefs change, menus change, our reviews are not set in stone and I encourage my Burger Bros to add to reviews even if they experience the same burger as another Bro.

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